Called It

19 thoughts on “Called It

  1. Ziiiiiing!

  2. “Here, let me pick your face up for you”

  3. Wow she really is
    the queen of mean
    The baroness of bitch

  4. just gotta love his face in the last panel

    1. bitch got pwnd

  5. She wants him just as bad.

  6. Glass houses, mm?

  7. Slut shaming, awesome. :l
    Also, she couldn’t just say, “Uh. That’s my name? Not my fault my parents made a shitty choice.”
    Even more ridiculous, porn stars usually use an alias to prevent this kind of situation.

    1. Which makes this obvious that she’s done SOMETHING. Something relating to what Nate was talking about. Probably.

    2. Maybe you should learn how to recognize a joke before attempting to read a humorous comic strip. Just a thought.

    3. you’re one of those annoying prudish females aren’t you?
      and not just prudish regarding sex… regarding everything
      gotta be all PC…

      oh and yes, i’m female.. if you’re female… you embarrass my gender…

    4. Fuck, you’re whiny.

    5. This is very much more about deflecting a horrible, condescending bitch who belittles and puts others down… for her own entertainment and ego-stroking… than it has anything to do with slut-shaming.

      Tracy does not behave like a slut, for one, just like a horrible person.

  8. BOOSH!

  9. she’s gonna need a lot of ointment for that burn

  10. Epic win


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