Interview With The Hampire

People just love to fuck with Les, don't they?

20 thoughts on “Interview With The Hampire

  1. Ah, l’amour…β™₯

    Those two are SO having kinked-out fetish sex at some point. ^_^

  2. Oh Tracy. You’re such a bitch.

  3. Did you know that little fact since the beginning or did you find out and think “Huh, I could make him look more like an idiot with that knowledge”?

  4. I don’t know if I want to bitchslap Tracy… or high-five her.

    1. I say compromise: bitch-slap her on the ass! πŸ˜‰

  5. Thanks, I really needed to smile. (not sarcastic, just devastated before reading this comic)

  6. @David: I don’t know why I originally thought the apostrophe was there in Lestat’s name, but I definitely made some lemonade here.

    @Danielle: Glad to help your day get better, if just a little bit. Hang in there!

  7. “The state” should have been “L’etat”, though.
    With that weird “up” thing above the “e” that means it did, in fact, use to have an “s”, but it’s no longer there.

  8. Can’t tell if L’estat made a death threat, or an incredibly forward move.
    Either way, I had me a laugh.

  9. I think Tracy is after some HAWT SEXENGS to live up to the current banner ad πŸ˜‰

    (she looks just like my missus, which is kinda weird)

  10. @ha: L’estat is “the estate.” At least according to my 5 seconds of Googling. Tracy took French in high school, so I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect.

    @Dan: Yes. πŸ™‚

  11. Tracy is such a bitch… I mean she does know he was drinking animal blood, right? And she STILL had the balls to approach him… I guess this would go with Nate’s original introduction of her way back when. I so love this comic! ^_^

  12. Thanks Erin!! You’ll learn more about why Nate feels that way before too long.

  13. I really can’t actually FAULT her considering the situation… She is not being a bitch, she is just sane and blunt… I mean dear science that guy is messed up in the head, and in such hilarious ways too.

    and I am also not sure if he just made a death threat or a sex threat… honestly, I am not sure HE knows which it is.

  14. As a francophone, I feel the need to tell you that “estat” isn’t a word in french. As ha said, it might or might not be an old spelling of “Γ©tat” (which means state), but right now it ain’t nothing.

  15. I’m also on the francophone bandwagon saying it ain’t proper yet I’m also a History major and yeah, its quite possible that the ‘s’ did exist in the old word, they were rather common in the latin rooted Frankish.


  16. Though what was he implying if it was a sex threat because going by the comic his name means something like ‘The estate impaler’ Hmmm…

  17. As a French I can confirm that “estat” has not been a French word for the last 300 years or so, the “modern” form being “Γ©tat”. However, “l’estat” is “the state” in Catalan, a language spoken in Eastern Spain. So, is Tracy herself a 300 years old vampire, did she just mistook Catalan for French, or is the author a 14 years old girl not good at fact-checking ? ;c)

    1. The author gets his translations of your language from Google Translate, which is not exactly infallible.

      I am totally a “14 years old girl.”

  18. That Jewish Dude just threw up a little in That Jewish dude’s mouth from the image of those two going at it.


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