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  1. Why do I get the eerie feeling that Nate will have Tracy as his rebound girl?

    1. Or that she’s sabotaging his date as a means to keep him available for herself.

      1. That’s what I am thinking. She wants to ride him. I just know it. lol

        1. I think she wants to ride him right now by the look shes giving in the last panel.

    2. That would be wholly appropriate, and wonderful because he already hates her. 😀

    3. I thought the same thing. Eerie is right :s

      1. KAAAAAHHNNNN!!!!!!

        1. Wait thats a boat…nvm fail

        2. Don’t sweat it. I was with you all the way on that one.

  2. She knows sex because of all the porn she does.

  3. she should show nate how wrong he is about that last statement

  4. “Bow-chicky-Bow-Bow”

    1. Also, I’d just like to note that if they _do_ hook up, I saw it coming months ago. The banner ads with her naked were a dead giveaway.

      1. If I could have my way they’ll be bumping uglies real soon. But what banner? I missed that one.

        1. I can’t seem to find it, but I know I’ve seen it on ads on other web comics for this one.

        2. It’s currently running over at Bloomin’ Faeries.

        3. Checked the banner. Tempted to draw a fan art on the theme now. I’m a sucker for bad boy/girl characters. ^^

        4. It would be most welcome. I haven’t received fanart in years!

        5. Nice arse, nice tits.

          Yeah, I’d do NSA

  5. yeah, they’re gonna fuck.

  6. eeeewwww… they are probably related or something….

  7. I don’t know…these last few strips Tracy has been slowly morphing into Gargamel. I used to be a big Tracy fan, but she’s going from “mischievous miscreant” to full-blown Episode III here, big time!

  8. I’d like to take this moment and put this MV right here, expressing the recent events of the comic perfectly.


  9. ha you can cut the sexual tension with a knife its so thick seems to me tracy my have and alterior motive for randomly switching his schedule like that tracy seems tohave the same personality as my sister does not bode well for our hero nate or tracy ,nate man watch out buddy shes a man eater

    1. . . . What?

  10. Oh Nate, that was a good one! But, I wonder if the readers are right… that she does like you, but may not have the cajones to ask you out(since technically, she’s your superior and everything).

  11. All I have to say is this…

    Why is she smiling in the final panel?

    Something to think about…

    1. Admiring her handiwork. She just pushes the right button and off he goes.

  12. I felt sexual tension between them when Tracy was first mentioned….
    And if things do go down, I see a possible Triangle with Rose,Nate and Tracy

  13. Oh, sh**! Tracy *is* gonna make a move now.

  14. I don’t know why but Tracy looks really good in this comic

  15. next comes the hatesex

    1. You forgot the spanking!

      1. It’s in the foreplay.

        1. Sorry, Dr. wonderful couldn’t post.


          You guys are both right, it dosen’t matter WHEN you do the spanking, as long as it done during HATESEX, that’s all it matter.

          Also, insults and choking, plus backing someone agaisnt the wall helps alot too.

  16. she has that look, like she plans on suprising him with something in the next comic. i bet she will either pounce him or threaten his job for sex.

  17. Urgent News Bulletin:
    Food Baron CSM Tracy Winters on a rampage, holds as yet unnamed coworker hostage.
    Demands “a bucket of KY jelly”.
    Further updates pending.

    Meanwhile, inside the now locked storage areas…
    ..Nate gets ganked by The Mistress!

  18. She is obviously challenging his sexual prowess to get him to “prove” it to her…

  19. I hope ou don’t mind but as it’s my b-day I am counting this as my official birthday thing XD I hope everyone has had a nice day here in britain it is now 11:20 so time for beddy-byeZz peace out!

      1. That’s so kind of you.

      2. ROFL. Nice 1, Nick.

      3. Thanks sooooo much I think I found a new screensaver. *eyes start tearing up* :’)

  20. If Tracy is not heavily into getting spanked, she needs a different come-on.

  21. this comic feel like my world all over again
    may boss did some thing like this to me
    she did make a move on me alot when it is just us two at work
    i cant wait to see the next comic i hope he isnt going to do the same thing i did
    i walk off the job, it was alot for me to take on with a under age girl coming by work looking for me. ( life is so hard )

  22. I like that you’re finally giving Tracy more characterization, before now she’s been known as a bitch, but now we’re finally seeing it! Great comic in general in fact.

    1. I’m in agreement, here. We are told that Tracy is a bitch, but I didn’t see enough to convince me until the last few strips. That being said, I can’t help but like Tracy.

  23. No fan art in years?! What is this nonsense. I will attempt to fix this as soon as I have time 😀

  24. so he has some weird ideas about sex who thinks they allrready did it

  25. I forsee angry kissing coming up.

  26. Sounds like a DARE if I’ve ever heard one…Nate, she has directly challenged your manhood. You know what must be done.

  27. How do you make a permanent account on this could you send me a link? Please.

    1. There are no permanent accounts, but you can sign up with Gravatar to show your icon with your comments.


      1. Testing is my image above?

        1. hahaha, yeah, it worked. 🙂

        2. Cheers also check your email 😉

  28. I love Tracy’s Bossy attitude so much, it just makes the workplace scenario that little bit more entertaining to me.

  29. …OMG she wants his babies…

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