Unclear if the Dirt Bike Joust comes before or after the Everclear Bellybutton Blaze.

57 thoughts on “Latency

  1. -looks around- First?

    1. The Negro Guy crowns the first!

  2. Then I guess boobs are guaranteed. Wonder if Tarcey will get drunk enough to go les?

    1. The Negro Guy says the possibilities are endless my friend.

    2. I’m thinking that unless she has to BE lez, it wouldn’t take Tracey to much alcohol to just GO lez, but who knows; people draw their lines in the most surprising places.

      1. “TOO much alcohol” I shouldn’t try writing coherently before first coffee of the day.

  3. First

    1. The Negro Guy says fail.

    2. Achieve it, THEN claim it. And beware The Negro Guy.
      (I feel racist.)

      1. The Negro Guy says you should.

        1. what he should feel is dirty.

  4. Damn it, so close!

  5. Nice try sonofsteel but you have to be quicker than that to be first around here.
    Anyway judging by todays comic, Fridays won’t be anything special. I look forward to Mondays, something tells me something interesting will happen then.

  6. inb4 TNG
    also bike jousting comes after everclear belly button blaze

    1. The only reason you’re in before The Negro Guy is because The Negro Guy kinda sorta started to play playstation home.

      1. what is TNG psn?

        1. winbeau94

        2. Dude I am so adding you, my psn should be Diablo.

        3. The Negro Guy says okay.

  7. Dirt Bike jousting? I kind of want to see that. Not participate. Just watch…and laugh.

    1. Not as much fun as alcohol soaked Jarts(tm) was before they sissified them.

  8. Dirtbike jousting? From what we’ve seen thus far, I can only assume that beer is mandatory and tops are optional. Aw man, that’s freaking crazy awesome! Most other family reunions I hear about set up flow charts of the people that aren’t speaking to eachother before everyone just makes strained conversation while avoiding eye contact so nobody has an accurate idea how much contempt the relative they’re comparing lives with has for them.

  9. The Negro Guy tried dirt bike jousting once, fucked up a lot of people.

    1. You could’ve fucked up more people with that Everclear Bellybutton Blaze, TNG. Sure, in a different way, but still…

      1. The Negro Guy says watch out man. Big Brother is watchin’ you man.

        1. Big brother isnt the problem he just likes to watch… Little sister she the danger she tattles on you

  10. Thatoneguy wonders why Aya and Rose are wearing name tags. If they are wearing uniforms, doesn’t that mean they are students already?

    More to the point, if they are wearing name tags, why are they blank? Are they student ID’s or something?

    1. looks like swipe cards to me. That’s one hell of a security set.

    2. They’re not actually blank, I’m just not drawing that level of detail.

    3. That stuff is required at some school to help reduce “issues”.

  11. The Negro Guy wonders if Miranda will even show up while Nate is around.

    1. Why wouldn’t she? She works at the same store, so why not go to the same work party? She can always snub/ignore him, if that’s her bag. I’m thinking it’s a bit different from that, though.

      1. The Negro Guy is computing outcomes…does not look good for Nate-san.

        1. The Negro Guy needs new batteries for his abacus.

  12. Dirt bike jousting…

    Sounds like something you’d see on Jackass, doesn’t it?

    1. The Negro Guy says fuck yeah!!!

    2. No, they had shopping cart jousting. It requires bandages.

    3. You really need to find the movie Knightriders by George Romero.

      …No, there are no zombies in it.

      …Yes, there are topless girls.

      1. Thank you for the name of the film. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name, but I remembered the reason they jousted on motorcycles was that horses were too expensive.

  13. You sure went B^U on this one.

    1. I’m not sure you know what B^U means.

  14. Why do I get the feeling that Rose has faught off cousins trying to get into her pants at family get togethers?

    1. She probably has, (though not in the comic) but it would make for a funny scene. She’s being hit on by a fat, drunk cousin and then forces nate to pretend to be her BF.

  15. Suggestion to Rose:

    1. Sketch out the following in mirror writing:

    We’re through.

    2. Get a permanent marker.

    3. Approach Trevor while he’s asleep (you should have a handle on times and locations by now).

    4. Inscribe 1. onto his forehead with 2. By the time he manages to erase it, the message will have been driven home.


  16. I’d like to see Dirtbike jousting

  17. Sounds like a good time full of Sterno cans, hot dogs, Colt 45s and Metallica.

    1. By Colt 45s, I hope you mean the cool malt beverage, not the .45 caliber Colt M1911A1 Automatic Cartridge Pistol. ‘Cause with this crowd, you can never tell… 😉

      1. I’m betting on both. And when someone talks about shotgunning, make sure you’re clear on which type before joining in.

  18. woot dirt bike jousting!!… its kinda a past time where i live

  19. Trevor seems to have some horrible lags. Havent he thought about broadband? 😀

  20. “I don’t care what u say that thar is funny”
    -Larry the Cable Guy

    1. That’s “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right ‘thar’.”


  21. Dirt bike jousting sounds interesting. It could send a lot of new friends my way.

    1. …The Negro Guy says that sounds like a good idea.

      1. The Negro Guy obviously has too much free time on his hands. 😀

  22. The Crowley family reunions become really stifled when Great Uncle Ailstair shows up…

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