Bastarditude Fail

Those of you who follow the comments on this site saw the seeds of this idea developing after Monday's comic. It seemed to be a fairly obvious conclusion, so I felt it was important to address the assholish elephant in the room.

This will be the last Friday Extra. Big, but totally predictable news on Monday!

29 thoughts on “Bastarditude Fail

  1. Jigglypuff was my favorite Pokemon solely because he drew on people when they feel asleep.

    1. Ah, I see. I had was wondering what the ehck a Jigglypuff was. Now I know.

      I’ll have to decide if I am richer for the knowledge. 🙂

      1. Where do you live because i will whip rocks painted to look like pokeballs at you for eternity..or until it looks like my defense of attack a shut in wont hold up

    2. She’s my least-favorite because of that annoying down-B move…

  2. Jigglypuff only gets to draw on people because she made them fall asleep.

    Is it nerdy that I actually knew all Jigglypuffs are female or that I actually went to doublecheck?

    1. I didn’t know they had a sex.

      1. Soooooooooo…they are all lesbos?

    2. Didn’t know that. Now I can tell people that I learned something today, since I try to learn something, no matter how inane it is.

      1. Oh yeah, pokemon do have sex, when you play the games you can even mate them and they produce eggs which you can pick up at the daycare. I only know this cuz i have younger bros who played. And yeah, some pokemon only have one gender, and some have no gender at all, it’s wierd. And the main rule is that all eggs will turn into the breed of pokemon of their mother. So, take a Jigglypuff and any male pokemon and you get a baby jigglypuff. if you want the egg to be the same pokemon as it’s father, you need the genderless “Ditto” pokemon for that. I had to help my bros with this stuff, so PLEASE dont’ think I actually did this stuff for myself. the things we do for loved ones.

        1. I think we’re in general a Poke-friendly crowd around here. 🙂

        2. hardly surprising. after all, we are all reading a comic on the internet 🙂 (mankeys will always be better than jigglypuff!)

        3. Looks like somebody is suffering from post-poke shame… Its ok man, your among friends here, we have all been there, the long nights, the piles of dead batteries, the sore thumbs…explaining to your mother why there is a white stain on the poster of pikachu, yeah man, we all “spilled a bottle of white out” while screaming “WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME, YOUR ALREADY F@!$!%$ LVL 100!” your not alone. *hugs*

        4. I have gone for many nights playing Pokemon and for some reason I never had a pile of dead batteries or “spilled a bottle of white out” in fact I see you as very unusual and at least a bit creepy to be that excited over a Pokemon game

    3. Apparently you aren’t nerdy enough, because I have a male Jigglypuff on Pokémon HeartGold.

    4. They aren’t. They can be Male.

    5. FALSE!! the ratio is 75% female 25% male.

      it’s nerdier that you were WRONG.

  3. lol jigglypuff ftw, but yeah, I would draw on her 😀

  4. Squeeeeeee he said it!

    …no wonder people think I’m gay…

  5. Writing on people when they’re asleep has been around long before Jigglypuff; she just made it more well known. Hilarious friday extra, and can’t wait for the news on monday, dood.

    1. Thanks!

      I think Steve would suggest that Jigglypuff “ruined it.”

  6. Now I know what to say if someone asks me to do that XD

  7. Is it weird i kinda miss L’estat?

    1. Working on a comic featuring him as we speak! My buffer is 17 comics at the moment though, so it will be a little while.

      1. Something about the guy tickles my funny-bone. Its as if he “knows” he’s a bit of an ass. But is ok with it. People that racognize their own bullshit are rare.

  8. Oh man…that made me laugh. XD A great way to break the tension, and to address the elephant in the room. :3

  9. by far you do look like a jigglypuff

  10. Ive been hoping for a freind to give me a Ralts egg…i really want a Ralts…Both a male and a female…I really like Ralts…Oh Ralts…How ive missed your availability in Ruby/Saphire/Emerald…Ralts

  11. *insert random Jigglypuff song here*

  12. I had an experience just a few weeks back… Was nodding off sitting up at a party, woke up to a jackass about to draw on my face. I was drunk (and had partaken in some happy-drugs), so I had a HUGE, honestly happy grin on my face when I told the guy that if he did that, I would find him and break his hands. He protested that it was just tradition, and I told him I would start with his fingers first and then move up to the hands.


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