The Home Crew

Nathaniel “Nate” Ashborne

Already stuck in a shitty job with no future to speak of at 21, Nate lacks direction and perceives bullshit and authority encroaching all around him. None of it could possibly be his own fault!

Rose Crowley

An astute neighborhood girl with an open attitude about sex.

Steve Adams

Nate’s roommate and best friend, in spite of his well-known bastarditude.

Derek Wilkins

Nate’s other roommate. Don’t expect too much from him.

Aiyana “Aya” Walsh

Rose’s best friend and occasional unwitting partner in crime.

Beth Crowley

Rose’s alcoholic mother.

Nina Crowley

Rose’s trashy sister.

Trevor Walsh

Aya’s adoptive brother. Kind of a dickweed.

The Work Crew

Tracy Winters

Food Baron’s Customer Service Manager, Nate’s immediate supervisor, and a thorn in his side.

Jimi Felder

Frozen Food Manager and target of Nina Crowley’s affections. He is also the Batman of commenting on Nate’s love life.

Miranda Reyes

A Deli Clerk who is friendly with Nate.

Arne Torran

Food Baron’s Assistant Manager and A-Hole-in-Chief.

L’estat “Les” Tepes

A vampire wannabe who joined Food Baron when he heard there was an opening in the “Flesh Department.”

Purvous Foster

A bagger who will buy your girlfriend for three dollars.

Bill Schneider

Store Manager of the Food Baron and master of the art of delegation.