Context Clues

10 thoughts on “Context Clues

  1. Unfortunately, the Law in most places says 16 is jailbait–with or without an exception for the partner being of the same (or near) age. And that also equates to 17…


  2. Allen the not-so-wise

    Funny, people don’t think it strange when my girlfriend and I go out. We hold hands a lot.
    But then, she does call me ‘Daddy!’

    Maybe they think she’s my daughter?

    Hmmm, I’m 36, and she is fourteen.

    Yep, they think she’s my daughter.

    1. bro I am disappoint

    2. My certainty that this guy is a troll is increasing. It’s up to 72% now.

    3. Dude… the rule is “half your age PLUS seven” not “minus”! >.<

  3. I miss her using math and Oh Brother Where Art Thou’s release date to figure out his age

    1. Unfortunately that joke had a 1-year expiration date since TG takes place in a Simpsons-style floating timeline.

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