Tempted by Distraction

Some days you just can't get where you're going without slamming into a pedestrian or two.

6 thoughts on “Tempted by Distraction

  1. I can’t listen to Broken Wings without wanting to pull into the opposite lane or take a ramp skyborne.

  2. I know I’ve been playing too much Red Dead Redemption because the other day I glanced out the window while stuck in traffic and thought about using some birds that were flying over head for target practice.

    1. RDR is amazing. I didn’t actually get around to playing it until 2016, but it still holds up, and I’m looking forward to RDR2.

  3. Down here, we have a station called Mix 106.5 that plays 80s music.

  4. Just found your link while trying to recover lost data…
    …what happened to the original version of the start of the story?

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