Welcome to the new, less ugly Treading Ground website!

After years of running under the ComicGenesis flag, I’m proud to present the all-new TreadingGround.com!

It’s been an interesting experience getting this website up and running, and it required that I get more knowledgeable with CSS than I ever thought I would. But it’s up, it’s working, and it looks great. Here are some changes to note:

  • Archive Restructure – You may notice that the First Comic is now a Prologue. This is a comic I did for Free Comic Book Day a few years back, and it’s an excellent introduction to Treading Ground. Long-time readers may notice a handful of comics missing from the archive, but there’s a very simple explanation for this, and that is because they sucked. All comics are now listed on the Archive page in a much easier to read format, mostly accompanied by sarcastic titles. I’ve also shitcanned the arbitrary chapter system I was working with before in favor of a simplified incremental numbering system.
  • Cast Page Update – New characters have been added to the roster, new bios written, and almost all cast pics have been updated.
  • Navigation Improvements – Most of this is cosmetic, and the nav buttons are easier to read. When reading through old comics, just click on the comic to move to the next one!
  • RSS Feed Changes – Sorry to make you update your RSS stream again, but now you’ll get thumbnail previews in your feed! Make sure to add the new RSS feed to your reader of choice.

I’m still making little tweaks here and there, and some new features are planned for the site soon. Thanks for coming, and let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the new, less ugly Treading Ground website!


  2. Thanks for inadvertently turning me on to Webcomic & InkBlot, Jackie! I would have been miserable with Comicpress.

  3. Something screwy with the colors on the older comics. Just going through the archives for fun, and the colors on #17, 18, and 19 all look blah and pixleated. The B&W comics look ok, but it still is somewhat meh.

    The new sight design looks great tho. Looks very professional.

  4. Hi Jamieson. Thanks for the comments!

    I took a look at those comics you mentioned, but I think they just look crappy because it was 2003 and I was crappy at coloring.

  5. Heh fair enough. I thought they might have been different on the other site, but I don’t remember.

  6. New site looks much better. Looking forward to more Treading Ground.

    1. Thanks! Glad you’re still reading.

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