July Birthdays

Happy Canada Day & July 4th Weekend!

Rose isn’t actually Canadian, but she is a nonconformist, so why not?

8 thoughts on “July Birthdays

  1. USA! USA! More Tracy in TG!

  2. That’s a hell of a death glare Tracy is giving Rose there.

    She is probably thinking ‘I just know she is going to rip that thing off as soon as the photo has been taken.’ xD


  4. Definitely prefer the girl on the right… yeah, I have a ‘girls with glasses’ fetish, but oh well. 😀

    1. There will be more of her soon!

    2. Redhead has no competition.. 🙂

  5. My country’s flag has never been so honoured.

  6. Rose wearing the Canadian flag is quite acceptable. My county’s flag feels all warm and happy upon Rose.

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