Special Characters

7 thoughts on “Special Characters

  1. I’m geting sudden flashes of the U Mad meme.

    1. All your base are belong to PURVOUS! 😉

  2. Funny comic, and nice site…what’s your cms?

    1. Thanks! I use WordPress with Webcomic & Inkblot. Links are at the bottom of the page.

  3. If someone had eyes like that, I’d back away too.

    1. I have a friend with a lazy eye. It’s kinda like that except that one eye is focused and the other tends to rotate slowly in circles. It gives him headaches…

      1. I have a lazy eye but I can control it unless I get really tired, space out, or get super drunk. Freaks people out when I’m in a bar and my eye goes off on its own all of a sudden.

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