8 thoughts on “Ahem.

  1. I have had something very similar happen to me. Gotta watch my mouth! >.<

    1. That’s what she said!

      1. Weak, whilst the ultimate joke seems to fit in many situations, this isn’t one of them, also, it’s pronounced Te-A-Ti-Me, Not tea time, I know what youre thinking.

  2. What the hell is a harlot???

    1. *sigh* another product of our public school systems. Smart enough to type the comment, but not to look it up.

    2. har·lot/ˈhärlət/
      Noun: A prostitute or promiscuous woman.

      Remember boys and girls, Google is your friend.

  3. Never talk behind someone’s back unless you’re fully prepared to talk the same way to their front.
    Won’t help you get any farther in life, but you get imaginary Manly points for integrity. 😉

  4. Gotta love that he stands his ground on it. Essentially, “What did you say?” “YOU HEARD ME!”

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