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  1. gotta get there before the hair does

    1. That kinda sounds pedo-ish.

  2. Allen the not-so-wise

    True or false, girls mature faster than boys?

    Boys, when taught right, grow up to be men physically and mentally by the time their thirteen. They are usually sexually repressed by their mothers, or other mentally deficient women.

    Girls, when taught the ways of sex by men, are women by the time they start their menstrual cycle. They are usually mentally sexually repressed by their mothers, or other mentally deficient women.

    1. Sexism abound!
      Good job being a horrible person.
      Also, before anyone chimes in, “it’s just a joke” isn’t ever an excuse for blatant misogyny.

      Just started reading this comic, and I’m a bit worried if this is any representation of the fanbase.

      1. He’s right about the 13 thing

      2. Guy may be a douchebag, but he’s not entirely incorrect. 10,000 years ago, when you were the most doggedly ancient sonofabitch around if you lived to be 28, you don’t think people were waiting to their early-mid 20’s to start squirting out a litter of babies, do you? The whole idea of waiting to get married and / or reproduce is entirely a function of greater lifespans and a higher level of education necessary to get by in the modern world.

        1. …but all that jazz about being repressed by mothers is a gross overgeneralization of the worst magnitude, and “mentally deficient” sneaked in there either as a super-serious bit of misogyny, or an attempt a trolling.
          There are in fact many social factors that together very strongly work to delay mental and social maturity years beyond sexual maturity.

      3. You know, the original poster is going by the name “Allen the not-so-wise”.

        Something to consider.

    2. Aren’t you the same guy who said boffing the same sex makes you gay, regardless of who you’re attracted to?

      Your username suits you.

  3. you know legally she only jail bait if she’s under 17 and he’s older than 21 so once she’s 17 she can screw anybody she want

  4. “Follow responses to this post with the comments feed. You can leave a comment or trackback from your own site.”
    You can read more about it?

  5. Steve is fond of cliches, I see. Here’s another one for ya: STFU.

  6. Ya know, up here in Alaska, 16 is legal age of consent. Just sayin’.

  7. Apparently, I was old enough to breed when I was nine years old. x’) But he has got a point, though. Nature and society doesn’t really work together at all times.

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