Un Sac Du Douche

11 thoughts on “Un Sac Du Douche

  1. Allen the not-so-wise

    I don’t kiss Ass either.
    I kiss about three inches higher until she tries to pull my ears off.

    1. Please consider yourself upvoted.

  2. Actually, the John Mayer is song is sexist in its own way. It implies that men must be strong, so it’s ok to be horrible to them, while women are delicate mothers and fragile little flowers that must be protected!
    I mean, being kind to your child should happen regardless of gender. Nice job reinforcing gender norms, Mr. Mayer.

    1. i think he means that he has a daughter, not that he’s being sexist
      and regardless of how tough or delicate a woman is, as a man, it is our duty to protect them from harm or discomfort in any and all ways we possibly can…y’know, that chivalry bullshit that everyone thinks is dead

    2. Well, I don’t know the song, but from the lyric shared, there’s at least one word out of order.

      Should be “warmth from a good woman’s good heart.”
      A cruel woman with a chip on her shoulder will destroy a man, do it for her own entertainment, and at the end of the day, call herself a good feminist doing good work.

      (I have nothing against feminists. I just notice a lot of misoandrists like to mistakenly call themselves one to justify their hate. Kind of like Klu Klux Klansmen call themselves “Christians” doing God’s work.)

  3. A Guy Named Ferret

    and thats why i listen to techno, ska, punk and other stuff thats not about lovey dovey stupid bullshit or the stupid ass rap that allvthe other white kids at my school listen too….

  4. omg people still listen to ska? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Survivor is still going too.

    Tenacious, but when I am Overlaird, the Survivor producers will be the first against the wall.

    1. Why don’t they do a reality show where all the hosts from other reality shows compete against each other? That would be awesome! Too bad they can’t include Chris from “Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour”. 😉

      1. that would be pretty badass
        also, chris is the best douche ever

    2. meh. ban Thom Yorke from making sounds first.

  5. And in six more years after this comic, Bruno Mars will set a new bar for absurd and helpful-to-neither-of-us raising of young women’s romantic expectations with his smash hit: “Grenade”.

    In the unlikely event anyone’s not familiar, here’s what your girlfriend now thinks you should be living up to:

    I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah yeah)
    Throw my head on a blade for ya (yeah yeah)
    I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah yeah)
    You know I’d do anything for ya (yeah yeah)
    Oh whoa oh
    I would go through all this pain
    Take a bullet straight through my brain
    Yes I would die for you baby
    But you won’t do the same
    No no no no

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