Sordid Details

12 thoughts on “Sordid Details

  1. Why can’t I meet girls like this :-/

    1. You can, you just gotta pay $100 a pop, and you risk catching her herpes

      1. Professionals don’t carry STDs with ANY statistical significance. The line “but baby, if you loved me, you wouldn’t make me wear a rubber” doesn’t work on them.

        The biggest vector groups for the spread of STDs are the elderly (who aren’t much concerned with pregnancy) and teenagers (especially in states who have put in place abstinence-only sex education… resulting in tripling the numbers of teen pregnancies in those states — all other states have seen their rates drop.)

    2. Step 1: Go to Rocky Horror…

      Step 3: Get Lucky

  2. add to the fact that many girls age fast and look older than they really are

  3. You know what sucks… That there aren’t girls like this in real life who aren’t hookers.


    1. I’ve known a few….

      OK, so she was a hooker…..just not with me…

  4. There are
    where i come from the sexual age limit is actually 16

    and we are generally rather open on the theme sex 😛

  5. i want a relationship… and for the relationship… not to just get laid.. but while in the relationship i’m insane in bed xD (yes i’m female)
    unfortunately all i meet lately are guys that just want to get laid and nothing else… so i’ve been celibate for a while 🙁

  6. Just found this comic and Rose brings back so many awesome memories from high school. And she’s even a redhead just like me :3
    I love it. I’ve definitely had a similar conversation before with my friends.

    Oh, yeah 16 year olds don’t go to bachelorette parties.
    BUT I have been in a wet tshirt contest in high school.
    And unfortunately I have used the ‘let’s be friends first’ thing to get into a guy’s pants when I was underage. It always works. Eventually.

    Is that bad? heh.

    1. TG is Still Alive

      THIS. This is what I’ve always wanted. Too bad I’m getting too old for that shit.

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