Hook A Brother Up

7 thoughts on “Hook A Brother Up

  1. I think the word is ‘pwnt’

  2. Better yet, Take phone, send pic, erase pic from phone to prevent it from being spread around.


    1. i like TJD’s plan better

  3. Allen the not-so-wise

    When I was 11, my girl friend was 42. I didn’t think it was wrong then, and I don’t now.
    “You weren’t there man! You don’t know!” Is a saying that is still true today.
    She never coerced me, I seduced her. I pursued her. And no, it wasn’t about sex, it was about being friends in a way that most people, especially Americans, could never understand.
    You self righteous people don’t have a clue about love, and you are always the first to cast the first stone. You are a rioting mob waiting to happen. You disgust me.

    1. My certainty that this poster is a troll just jumped to 100%.

      1. I’m starting to wonder if he’s my uncle…

  4. Nate did him a favor, since that pic was technically child pornography. Because the law is insane, there are plenty of jurisdictions where it’s perfectly legal to have sex with a consenting 17yo, but taking pictures is a crime.

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