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  1. That’s right, kids! Remember: stay in school!

    P.S. Nice t-shirts. I have that same South Park one.

    1. and thats why 80%+ averages without doing shit all is awesome

    2. i graduated and work in a warehouse
      diploma doesn’t help much, these days

      1. Likewise, except I make good money with great benefits. Walgreens rules!

  2. I don’t know, if they passed high school and went to college, they would be in a similar position. I come from Australia, and while everyone wants their kids to stay in school, employers don’t seem to care. You’re more likely to get an office job as a 16 year -old leaver than as a 19 year-old law student and students have a much harder time of getting government support – so we have the brightest young minds of our generation exhausted as all hell and being treated like garbage by fat mothers who don’t earn their money or raise their children. Black comedy, I suppose.

  3. This rings so true with me. Never drop out of school, it’s not big or clever!!! Trust me, I was stupid!

  4. In Canada, with the education system the way it is nowadays, having a degree is like having your high school diploma. It’s the new standard.

  5. YEAH, Metallica Kill ‘Em All!

  6. Bill Gates, that is all

  7. At least they don’t have to pay off any uni/college loans.

  8. Whether dropping out of school is a good idea or not depends entirely on where you go from there. I dropped out after my freshman year and just studies independently at home. I got my GED and started college a year before I was supposed to graduate high school. When I still couldn’t get a decent job with a degree, I enlisted in the military and now I have job skills that can make me 6 figures a year as a civilian, even with a dishonorable discharge. After I get my next degree, I may get out and make hella money, or maybe I’ll stay in and go officer.

  9. 6 figures a year with a dishonorable discharge? Unlikely. Happened to a few guys I knew in the Navy. That shit will follow you around forever.

    1. Yeah, my very brief stint in the military ended with a “called a superior officer on his horseshit” discharge. Apparently, it’s against policy to ask why rooting through recruits personal belongings, taking whatever you want, opening and reading their mail would be a federal crime anywhere off-base.

      They really don’t like people who can still think, or ask questions after six weeks of continued sleep deprivation.

      Technically it was a “voluntary discharge”; much cleaner than explaining in reports why i was being tossed out. I didn’t fight it. By that point I was thinking it would be less “dishonorable” to leave, than to stay and aspire to be that kind of guy.

      That was my choice

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