Problem Solver

9 thoughts on “Problem Solver

  1. eww… i just cant get the image of my coworkers out of my head now… so much squick eww

  2. I am so glad my coworkers and myself arn’t the only ones who do this lol.

  3. It’s the only real way to get rid of that problem.

    Because up-periscope can hurt AND prolong the problem : X

  4. Whoa. I was just thinking of commenting on this, and I looked, and a Brendan already did… and his comment was from when I read through the archive (Christmas break).
    … creepy…

  5. welcome to real life madock345

  6. Truly the greatest stress relieved!!! I find during a hard days work at wally world. 😉

  7. Allen the not-so-wise

    In the Navy,
    You can rub your submarine!

    Guess where I worked.

    1. The Village People?

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