Shutdown In Progress

7 thoughts on “Shutdown In Progress

  1. Aw c’mon she’s meganeko tsunderelicious

  2. Probably not if you know her 😉

  3. Nate totally hit that. (he IS a liar)


    “Cavity search, my ass!”
    (everyone stares)
    “Grr, you know what I mean….”
    -Hunter Gathers, The Venture Bros.

  4. oh man, when I’m having that problem even the most terribly annoying, bitchy, unbelievably tortuous women suddenly develop attractive traits. It’s really perturbing to be so controlled by your hormones in those moments.

    1. and THAT is why we women secretly rule the world.
      We can control you by your hormones even if you find us appalling in all other ways
      And you hate us for it.

      1. I find contempt is a good way to put a gun to Mr. Sexdrive’s head…

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