You Gotta Have Standards

18 thoughts on “You Gotta Have Standards

  1. Ok, class warfare and now racism. Nice….

    1. I always found people who are racist against their own race to be pretty amusing.

      Class warfare? Eh, it’s a dirty house. Not everyone in the trailer park is like Rose’s family.

    2. Where the hell did you get class warfare? Some people (of ANY status) have horribly messy homes. Alcohol seems to increase the likelihood of it (see: college students).

      Also, DUN DUN DUN! Her third lover is revealed!

    3. Trailer trash says what trailer trash thinks what trailer trash does what trailer trash wants what trailer trash is.

    4. lol imagine unironically thinking this was racist

  2. Jesus Christ would people stop reading so much shit into web-comics and just enjoy the fucking thing? who cares if the punch lines are political/racists or about classes and the like. Either you like the comic or don’t, believe me no one else gives a flying fuck about your opinion.

    Double thumbs up for a well written webcomic, glad I clicked on the AD from Something Positive for it. (Yes a little spruking for the win)

    1. Because accepting things such as racism andpedophilia as jokes make them seem like an ‘okay’ thing to do. Most people don’t agree with that. It seems you’re okay with it. Like you said, no one else gives a flying fuck about your opinion. Enjoy your jail time!

      1. Yeah, because people get jail time for finding jokes funny.
        The fact of the matter is, some of us LIKE off-colour jokes that deal with serious real-world issues in a lighthearted way. If you’re so sensitive that you can’t deal with a little off-colour humor, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THE FUCKING COMIC?


      2. So making fun of racist people is racist? Or are you just a fucking idiot?

      3. lol mental, this

  3. Nah bring on the slants. Always good for generating comments (and laughter at them) in a hurry and trolling idiots

  4. Compared to her family, Rose is a very nice, normal girl. O.K., maybe some nymphomania issues, but don’t we all struggle with that sometimes? 😉

    1. Dude, love your avatar. What brand of lower is that?

    2. I don’t think most guys would struggle very hard with a nymphomaniac. 8-p

  5. I’m white republican, and I’ve been laughing all along with this comic. You just gotta take a pill and piss your pants laughter, I mean jeezz

    I sense a recurring theme soon….mama gonna try and geet in hees pants xD

  6. Allen the not-so-wise

    Dang! This is just like the trailer park I live in, only she was 13 and I was 26.

    We don’t like the term ‘Trailer Trash’, we prefer the term Mobile Home Refuse’!

    Just like the Bundy’s.

  7. Why does her sister appear to be breastfeeding a starfish?

  8. …And the white dudes are surprisingly alright with your stated preference… now could please either shower or stand downwind?

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