25 thoughts on “Emboldened

  1. you fool! you foolish fool!

  2. Might not even be the age. I mean at first, yes, but he could be pushing her away for another reason.. given he was 18 when he first moved out, it could be something to do with that. /shrug. I am just throwing out a guess here, since when they first met, it was a don’t ask, don’t tell kinda thing until his roomie said so.

  3. Hmmm… wonder why he’s pushing her away… damn you, man, for keep us in suspense!

    1. Etna and Flonne are over 1300 years old

      1. What does Disgea gave to do with this…?

  4. while the age of consent maybe 16 in NC, (and im gonna check on that), you can still be tried for statutory rape by the parents if they so choose. its complicated, but even if they are 18, and you are more than 6yrs or more older than they can charge you. for instance, if she was 18, and you were 24 you could still be charged. a friend of mine was 25 and dating an 18yr old. her parents didnt approve and he is currently serving time. stupid, i know.

  5. found your comic yesterday, Really Funny!!!!

    1. Thanks! Today is not a great example of The Funny, but the dramatic points don’t happen often.

  6. See there are some states where age of consent is 16 however if a girl says she never gave you consent because she gets pissed at you then it is still statutory.

  7. It’s happened, folks.
    He just cock-blocked himself.

  8. I’m more shocked that she would think to try it with her mother nearby trying to convince Nate’s roomates into drinking shots out of her belly button.

    1. Well, when Nate was over at their trailer, Beth thought they were dating anyways. And she knew her daughter had dated an older man before. So, Rose knew her mom wouldn’t mind or think anything of it. Heck, Beth is getting wasted ad probably wouldn’t even notice. Some parents aren’t picky about that sort of thing. I started dating my now husband when I was 15 and he was 18 and my mom didnt care. So… yeah Beth is a laid back lush who knows her daugher has decent taste in men. ^^

  9. “What is this?”

    Um, I do really badly with the ladies, and even *I* can recognize what that is!

    Dude, seriously, did someone slip you twenty pounds of salt-peter or what? Damn at his age I would have been on her like a cheap suit!

    Which probably explains why I do so badly with the ladies. 🙂

  10. “See there are some states where age of consent is 16 however if a girl says she never gave you consent because she gets pissed at you then it is still statutory.”

    Nooo… that’s called First Degree Sexual Assault, i.e. rape. Nothing statutory about it.

    The point of age of consent is that before a certain age even if she said yes it doesn’t matter, its still not allowed. But at any age if she says “No”, its straight up rape.

    Of course if she said yes at the time, and then for insane reasons decided later to claim she said no, then a whole different bucket of shit is opened up, but that is a different matter.

  11. Mosying in her slowly but.. damn Nate. Damn.

  12. Here in the UK it’s 16 for sex, and marriage with parents permission, 17 for driving, and 18 for everything else.

    Interestingly failure to pay a prostitute is classed as rape, because consent only existed on condition of payment – No payment=No consent.

    1. oh that’s hilarious XD

    2. I thought that was called shoplifting.

  13. I love how this turns into a political debate. Let’s focus on the fact that Nate has just made a really stupid mistake. Any guy who turns down a pretty and willing girl has no one blame but himself when he winds up with blue balls.

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