14 thoughts on “Untoxicated

  1. Was wondering what that drink was. Hmm, will she be drawn on?

  2. I think he’ll raise his level of bastarditude if he has a Sharpie handy….

    1. Once Jigglypuff did it, it ceased being worth Bastard Points.

      1. Oh, but Jigglypuff never used blacklight ink! That’s what me and my buddies use if we’ve got someone pass out who goes to clubs alot. They never see it until it’s too late.

        1. Man. If you could get the timing right on that, it would be EPIC.

  3. Hey, at least she just falls asleep.

    I’ve know young ladies to have a bit too much, go faceplanting down the front steps of the house, and then wait until they’re in the taxi before they throw up 🙂

    Oh, and O’Douls = Duff Zero. “Well that’s the end of me”

  4. Jigglypuff never drew the penis however…even then it would still be “cute”

    1. You know how I know your gay? you think a drawing of a penis is cute, just cause something small fluffy and pink drew it…lol, j/k:) (not actually saying your gay, or that it matters if you are, just making a joke,lol)

      1. I think he meant Jigglypuff, not the drawing.

  5. xD

    damn Internetz.

    You have bested me sir…does my pic make me look gay? I took it like 3 years ago and I’ve been too lazy to change it.

  6. Wow I just got that. O’Douls is a non-alcoholic beer. She passed out from a placebo effect. =/

  7. Pshaw. She doesn’t even qualify for Lightweight status. Featherweight.

  8. Actually, O’douls does still contain alcohol. I think it’s on the order of 0.5% ABV, but that’s enough to the 12-steppers still consider it ‘cheating’, and make it illegal to sell to minors.

    Frosty the Beer Snob
    The Society of Beer Enthusiasts & Researchers (SoBER)

    1. There’s actually some inconsistency there. On the one hand, I sometimes wasn’t allowed O’Douls at restaurants without getting it “okayed” by my parents before I was 21. On the other hand, they sell it at supermarkets–and I know that to a lot of people, that doesn’t mean anything, but in New Jersey, they don’t sell real alcohol in supermarkets or else they have a separate section that has its own checkout and may or may not even be directly accessible from the rest of the supermarket. And, yes, I was able to purchase my own O’Douls without having to show any ID before I turned 21.

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