Guest Of Honor

Her liquor sense must have been tingling! Either that, or Nina told her. Whatever.

32 thoughts on “Guest Of Honor

  1. If Derek can’t get a piece of THAT action, there is no justice in the world.

  2. I think it was Steve who wanted to bang her. And also, yeah she looks REALLY good here, great job Nick! And I have a feeling it was Nina who told her, how else would she know the EXACT brand of beer? I see a night of embarresment for Rose, a night of sex for Steve, and a night of nightmares for poor, poor, poor Nate 😛

    1. I know…I’m saying that this is pretty much the only scenario in which Derek gets a taste.

    2. *cough* goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps >.> not a beer. has tiny bits of gold leaf in it.

      1. I don’t drink so I wouldn’t know, sorry! ^_^ And go through the archives, Steve is the one who says he wants to bang Beth. So thats where I got that conclusion from. ^_^

        1. Well, he said she was hot, anyway.

          But that could have been just an opportunity for a Your Mom reference.

      2. Why the hell would anyone waste gold in booze??

        1. Because drinking gold in your booze is muthafucken classy. Particularly when drinken from a plastic champagen flute.

        2. It’ll make your dookie twinkle!

        3. And if you do 17 shots of it in 45 minutes the night before starting your plebe year at a military academy you’ll be so hung over for three days afterwards that you not only won’t feel what’s happening to you, but you also – perhaps mercifully – won’t remember much of it, either. And the memory of that hangover will be so awful that even 15 years later you still can’t even be in the same car as someone chewing Big Red gum without getting nauseous.

          Or that’s what I’ve heard, anyway.

  3. Another wet t-shirt contest in the making perhaps?

  4. The cross on her neck is so ironic.

    1. Fictional chicks with huge tits always seem to be wearing a cross necklace.

      1. GOD BOSOMS.

        1. She’s flirty fishing 🙂

  5. A drunken mom at a birthday party never brings good things

  6. Haha, Could the non-existent sexy coworker who totally wants Derek turn into the Drunken Mother of Rose? Derek could become Rose’s new father, and then Nate would REALLY be blue balled for life.

  7. The Amazing Boozehound strikes again!

    A random thought of her getting drunk and yelling “Who wants to see my tits!?” comes to mind.

    Rose is going to spend most of her adult life in therapy.

    1. Hmm… might borrow that idea for a Friday Extra…

  8. Hmm, reading this comic might just be enough to sustain my boob research in the future strips here…

    Hint Hint

    1. Oh and how do you set the avatar for these comments?

  9. I am confused…. I read through the archives, isn’t it Steve who had the nonexistent woman who wanted him, and Steve who wanted to bang Beth? Nick, can you clarify?

    1. You’re right (though Steve just said her mom was hot, not specifically committing to an intention to bang.) I think Esquire just got the names mixed up.

      1. Oops. Yeah, I did. My bad 😛

  10. Huh? I htought him shaving his pube hair made intentions clear. Though, as a girl, i dont know why guys do that anyway. *shrug*

  11. i knew it would be her behind the door my MILF senses were tingling

  12. Man i saw your banner at between failures and clicked over glad i did i just finished reading your story and i love it im a new fan keep it up!!

    1. Thanks, and welcome! Glad you like the comic!

  13. Same saw a link at Between Failures, love the comic keep it up.

  14. I love it when I stumble onto a new awesom comic. The only bad part is when you read throught all the old ones have to wait for updates. xD

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