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  1. That’s pretty much the best birthday gift ever. =D

  2. See the trouble is with a girl like that. She is an old soul after a fashion. He connects with her on an emotional level and through mutual interest. Movies and the like. He is like a more handsome Dante Hicks. I get that vibe when I read that. She is that sweet person who he knows is right but the age thing is a serious issue. That and she is fucking smoking hot! There my moment of addressing the elephant in the room concerning her. I love this webcomic.

    1. Comment Of The Day.

      1. Much obliged. I love the web comic and it’s nice to read something where the straight guy in the story is not the butt of every joke like my wife’s favorite webcomic Menage A 3.

        1. Except that Nate really is a normal guy, while Gary from MA3 is an ultra-shy otaku, living with two ultra-hot, ultra-outgoing female roommates… there’s no avoiding jokes in there.

          If Nate were rooming with Didi and Zee, he’d die from sex-induced exhaustion within a week. :p

        2. Okay now that I will agree with. Not to go into a huge amoung about MA3 on this webcomic but Nate is not a wuss or shy like Gary. So he would have no trouble nailing them both. I suppose my gripe is that it’s very infuriating seeing the only straight guy constantly be fodder for the jokes. Everyone in the comic getting laid but him. And in this one you just want to scream….oh just fucking fuck her already dude! hehehe. However that is the intention I would hazard a guess.

  3. This has to be Wisconsin or California, as reading the ol’ age of consent thing on Wikipedia suggests those are the only states with an age of consent of 18 that will really throw the book at you for slipping a length to someone less than that age (most other jurisdictions allow it so long as the age gap isn’t huge, which in this case it isn’t)

    That said, perhaps Rose just needs to find the right music to get Nate in the mood? He had no problem breaking the law when he heard 80s music and start driving like it was GTA. 😉

    1. remember hes over 21

      1. Is he? I thought Rose had worked out his age at 20 or 21.

        If that’s the case, many of those states consider that within the allowable ‘gap’ to do someone below the age of consent.

        And if he’s over 21, why was he so afraid of going to the liquor store? He coulda just gone on his own and bought as much as he wanted and it’s nobody’s business but his own then, sort of like it’s nobody’s business that she jumps onto his wang. She’s not gonna complain, he’s not, what’s the big deal?

        1. Most likely because he had underage friends waiting for him and helping him take the booze home, one of them being a minor in high school.



  5. dont worry man were all behind you (no homo)
    and + it will go fast

  6. Ohay! March 12th is my birthday.

    Though, nobody wanted nor needed to know that.

  7. mine really is the 13th of the third month. and my goatee had red in the edges. yeah part irish

  8. march 13th? that’s MY birthday… strange

    1. Same for me…

  9. Made me laugh out loud. Congrats

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