People like that NEVER show up when they say they will.

25 thoughts on “Sparsity

  1. The color on this is TIGHT. I think this is the best color-work I’ve seen from you, in fact.

    1. Thanks, Matt! Not sure i did that much differently than I normally do, but I have been working on leaning less on the gradients lately and trying to get more accurate shading.

  2. That ain’t a party. That’s a social gathering.

  3. I so want that poster in the background.

    1. You can find a somewhat larger version over at my DeviantArt page. 🙂

      1. rasputin will make godzilla pregnant creating an unstoppable hybrid of penis’s

  4. It’s the guy playing video games. You can’t play video games at a party. Total party killer. Unless it’s the rock bands. Because those encourage both music and participation…


    2. What, no smash brothers?!?

  5. Not another one! When will they find a cure?!

  6. Derek looks like he’s totally in the zone XD

    And that black haired chick looks really cute ^_^

  7. Ah, the calm before the storm. You just KNOW it’s always boring before something wild tears through… hrm… there is a pic of a drunken Rose’s mom in the characters guide…….. >:)


    2. I’ve been wondering when the heck that drunken mother picture would be used. I had guessed that it might have been just a practice doodle, but this set-up is too perfect… Tons of booze? An alcoholic mother? A perfect chance to embarrass her in front of her friends???!

      1. That and if you look real carefully, you can tell the wall in teh background behind Beth is the living room wall in the guys’ apartment. ^_^

        1. OMGOSH! I also just noticed the headshot of Aya in the character guide is from THIS page. Though I have to wonder what the creator think sof us readers discovering this…..Nick, your thoughts?

        2. I’m flattered you’re paying close enough attention to notice. 🙂

          When I updated the pics for the Cast page, I wanted to use the best looks I had available at the time, and since I work about 15 strips ahead of what goes up on the site, I already had these comics done by then.

          I certainly don’t mind leaving a few little clues around for readers to use to try to predict things. 🙂

        3. Hmm, in that pic is that the neckline to her shirt, or is she topless and wearing a necklace…

        4. It’s a necklace. Back when Nate was being introduced to Beth, she had a cross shaped necklace on her neck, and if you look REEEEAAAAALLLLL close, you can see where the strings meet and the pendant hangs in the “Cast” section of the site. I think I may have too much time on my hands if I’m able to anser this…….. 😛

        5. Oops, I was wrong, no pendant in archives, but she is wearing a pendant in the Cast pic.

  8. Hey, who wouldn’t pay attention to a great story that really is for EVERY person. This is life and the weird twists and turns and stuff like that. ^_^

  9. A little off topic (I am sorry) but evry time I see a posting from Erin, I think of a wonderful woman who used to have her own web comic. It unfortunatly has not been updated in ages.

    1. Erin is mysterious!

      Which Erin are you thinking of?

  10. Heh heh heh… Rasputin’s Penis.

  11. nooneinparticular

    i hate it when that really hot chick comes down with a terrible case of never having existed

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