Spiritual Matters

That's right, folks. This was all an elaborate attempt at saving Rose's soul. DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNNN

Some of you have noticed that TG appears briefly in the most recent episode of Atop The Fourth Wall. Thankfully, TG is revealed to not be a bad comic and consequently did not burn! Considering that the guy makes his living ripping on crappy comics, it's pretty awesome that he likes mine.

You may not know, however, that this is the latest example in a growing history of cameos between our projects. Back in the day, Rose appeared in Linkara's webcomic Lightbringer. Earlier this year, Linkara lent his vocal talents to Dr. Wiki in the That SciFi Guy review of Superman Returns. After this most recent mention, it looks like the ball is in my court again, so keep an eye out.

22 thoughts on “Spiritual Matters

  1. Nick if you suddenly turned out to be a Jeebus freak like the creator of CatenaManor I will drop kick you in the testicles and lose all faith in my love of webcomics. Tired of webcomic trickeration. hehehe. Nah but seriously as I have said I am a fan of your work brother and I love this comic. I just really want to see Nate and Rose together. Feel like a damn woman watching a chick flick going….kiss her…kiss her…just do it! Do it fucker! LOL

  2. Congrats on being favoured by Linkara. Makes me wish I could be linked by a famous person on the internet.

    And poor Rose. Maybe she should have taken the g-string off and tried the ‘Naked Man’ manoeuvre from How I Met Your Mother.

    1. He actually never linked me directly, so the only traffic I’m getting from that are the industrious folks who took a notice and Google searched. Still pretty cool though.

      1. Well, that’s still pretty good. Maybe they’ll link you in the forums.

  3. I see you couldn’t resist letting Rose miss that one opportune button. Bless your soul, Nick.

  4. Nate is a dimwit.

    Yes, Rose has … experience. But, she’s been willing to try. It’s not like she was asking for a lot. Just signs that he actively cares for her.

    He deserved to get slapped and dropped like sloppy leftovers.

    1. Ya know…. when someone calls “friends” then tries to seduce you in public at a party in your own home, It’s like “let’s be friends…..(untill I can get you naked in the sack and have my way with you)… till you decide what you need to do….(or I can convince you otherwise by stripping in front of your friends to make you do me). Not a very good base for a friendship and who can trust a person who pulls that crap on you! When the only reason you want to be friends is convince or trick the other person to get naked and sweaty then you are not much of a friend, or a person, to begin with. I think Nate has the right of it.

  5. “Nate had to make a very difficult choice; sleep with Rose and wind up in prison(but have a girlfriend anyway),…”

    Nono, he’d wind up in prison (but ~BE~ a girlfriend anyway)…

    Like a line Bette Midler had in a movie a few years ago (paraphrased): You’re going to prison where you’ll have lots of friends, you just won’t know what any of them will look like…


  6. awesome.

    also yesterday i forgot to mention, my older sister is JUST LIKE rose’s Older Sister.

    no srsly. she only fucks blacks, she wears those low cut tanktops, and thanks to that, i know she has a star tattoo on her breast, the short shorts, and she’s a freaking whore. srsly, no shit.

    1. Where do you live? j/k


  7. Save her soul from what? Not existing in the first place?

    I notice that while many a person is leaping to support Nate’s limp pecker defense of “I don’t wanna go to jail”, which is understandable – if perhaps unlikely. Few however are considering it from Rose’s perspective. She’s dated older guys… correction, she’s FUCKED older guys, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that any of them went to jail. From her perspective this is a total non-issue.

    Now for Nate and Rose not to see each other’s perspective is normal, people very rarely can see outside their own little boxes when they are involved. But here we are observers and should be able to understand both perspectives.

    Notably if Nate has a history of bad luck, he could have an understandable fear of being the one guy who gets nailed when everyone else gets away with it. But by that token he still should have said no to buying booze for underage drinking – which while not as bad a crime as stat rape is still certainly a crime – and while Beth did show up and neutralize that, he didn’t know that she was going to do that when this was set up!

  8. *police sirens*

    “OH DAMN!”

    “i’m normaly not a praying man, but your upthere…please save me superman”

  9. Thought it was awesome to see it there. One of the only ones I recognized!

  10. Ack! No!!! I hit current. :\ At least this time It wont be a 4 year wait like it was for some fans in the past. X3

  11. Okay, this may be off topic, But That Jewish Dude LOVES the shirt Rose is wearing. It just looks so good and He is a clotheshorse.


    1. That’s my favorite of her wardrobe too.

      1. I especially like the space between the two top closed buttons caused the stress of having to handle her ampleness. I like it when women’s shirts do that. I makes me feel all tingly inside.

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