Look Back In Anger, Part Six

I believe that's a "no".

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  1. booty calls are for when you’re BOTH single and otherwise unencumbered. THIS is not appropriate booty call protocol.

    (“booty call protocol” needs to be a rap song RIGHT NOW)

    1. But I hate rap, the only good rapper is Eminem

      1. *The only good rapper is a dead one

        1. Except Vanilla Ice, cause he made the Ninja Rap 😀
          but I second your opinion 😀

        2. The only good rap is on the internet…that no one knows about.

        3. i yous to be a die hard country fan then i joined rock now im in the misc. catagory (ilike music if it is actually good)

        4. the only good eminem is one that melts in the mouth, of a steel foundry.

      2. Excuse me…. WHAT?!?!

        *sigh* just go see a doctor and hope he has a cure for stupid…

        1. The only cure for Stupid is a bullet to the head. The people I work with are so stupid at times that I can’t call them monkeys because then the monkeys are offended.

      3. You sick prick. Do you even know what rap, nay, music is? Or do you just watch MTV occasionaly? eminem, whilst trying his best, is nothing more then a poser, whilst being a good poser, he still is a poser. “the real slim shady”? Come on, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of rappers that are better then him, hell, I know rappers from my country that are better then him (search on YouTube: “hadag nachash”, they also have a few English songs) saying you hate a genre is fine. But don’t say that Marshall Bruce Mathers the third is the best. You probably didn’t even known his true name, prick.

        1. Wow, you really took that one personally.

    2. I detest myself for even thinking this, let alone posting it, yet in my mind, I hears it with a Country Line Dancing Twang and nasally voice attached to it. Something akin to that “Achey Breacky” abortion ten years ago.

  2. LOL… Booty call, meaning “When the higher up I’m screwing isn’t a good lay, you’ll do in a pinch.”

    Er, yeah. Apparently the “I QUIT!” didn’t stick.

  3. I started reading the comic a few weeks ago, and I gotta say I love this! Great characters/art, hooking story! Gotta keep up the good work!

    While each of the main characters are ticking me off at the moment (Rose, I’m looking at you) it’s refreshing and keeps readers wondering what these lovable losers are gonna pull next. Can’t wait for monday!

    1. Thanks, Andrew! Glad to have you reading!

  4. Wow, Nate went easy on the guy; if my manager did something like that I’d get dirt on him good enough to get his ass fired and quarantined from working with any female co-worker for the rest of his miserable life… but that’s just me and I’m a spiteful asshole like that.

    1. Now, now. Chances are, Richard didn’t even know that the girl who suddenly came onto him was in a relationship with someone else. It may have never occurred to him.

      On a sidenote, it’s nice to see that Nate has a little bit of self-respect, at least.

    2. more dirt? You mean besides banging an underling and then promoting her? BTW, Nick..how old is Tracy? Given that this happened several years ago, and assuming she is close to Nate’s age…It is also likely Tracy was jailbait at the time.

      1. Sadly, no. This happened 3 years prior to now (when they are 21/22), so Tracy’s age back then would have been 18/19. One jailbait character (rose) is enough in this comic.

        1. Andrew’s right. It hasn’t come up in the comic, but Tracy is about a year older than Nate.

        2. Still though, if something like that happened at my work place, both employer and employee would be fired on spot. But I agree, I would get even MORE dirt.

          Nick, keep up the work, I hope Rose gets what is coming to her. Tracy too. I HATE girls like that.

          btw, been reading this for a while, keep it up. I hope this makes it as far as Between Failures.

        3. nah man he doesn’t have any proof that she did anything. Besides a lawsuits a lot of work and money. I prolly would’ve done the same and just got out of there. Its not worth all the effort for a girl like that.

        4. I believe there’s more to it than what she’s saying. While I condemn what she did, I think Nate had his role in this too. She just doesn’t admit it to his face.

          This kind of decision makes everybody unhappy; And as we can see, that is what happened in the end.

          His fault to live up to his possibilities and provide the “I care” attitude she was looking for made her do decisions she will regret for the rest of her life. Two personality disorders that amplify each other. No wonder they ended up being in a relationship in the first place.

          And while both don’t admit it, there is a lot of stuff still going on between the two; Not in the positive sense, though.
          It is a typical relationship, just exaggerated a “little” bit. The yo-yo had to kick in sooner or later, too.

          A last note, though: It is not necessarily true that Tracy had the kind of sex with her boss that most of us imply. It might as well be that the old fart “just” touched her (without her consent), and when Nate was jumping to conclusions, she just picked that up because of the serious problems in their relationship.

        5. Who needs a lawsuit? An anonymous tip to Corporate HR is generally sufficient to make both of their lives a living hell.

  5. Love the shout-out to Purvous on the back of the magazine. I’m so proud.

    1. Agreed, and I also love the idea of a company that specializes in the special.

  6. Wow. No WONDER he makes so many damn remarks of her being a whore. Just looking at her actions, it makes the small town feel like it’s a place of stagnation, where people don’t realize they’re drowning as they push others deeper. Tracy looks like she’s only looking out for #1, and when we go back to the present, she’ll probably go back to being a complete bitch… and then demand sex!

    Or at least, that’s the characterization that I’ve gotten from reading the comics.

  7. Really? No one else has said it yet? All right, guess it’s my job to do it.


    1. XD. i was gonna say that

  8. Interesting really, Nate was happy with the idea of being under Tracy long before literally having to work under Tracy. In the situation, Tracy probably didn’t need to sleep with “Richard” but did it anyway as an act of defiance… only to get a promotion in a direct way that would push Nate away, I mean it wasn’t like there was a possibility that she wasn’t gonna get the promotion…and she still threw the relationship with Nate under the bus, for a couple extra bucks and more headaches…Yeah fuck her, fuck her with fire. >=/

    1. I definitely agree with you. For some reason, Tracey just wanted to do the bitchiest thing she could think of that would make Nate pissed off and sorry for being a slacker. And then for her to have the nerve to act like a Nazi bitch on the job toward him AND then sleep with him again as if he’d want to go back to someone that unnecessarily hurt him. Tracey has balls, I’ll give her that, but there was just NO reason for her actions at all.

  9. Good conclusion. I’m glad that Nate pretty much embodied what most every man would do in this sort of situation. I would have done something similar…to save myself from doing something violent :S. Tracy again pulled a total bitch move…

    Good job Nick! Can’t wait for Monday!

    PS. I just finished reading the archive! It only cost me about an hour of Final exam studying 😛

  10. dont feeel bad nate i would have quit that shit hole to then prayed like hellthat bitch was gone adn then be pissed when i found out she wasnt and try to avoid her at all costs adn tellher to suck it when she tried to change my schedule but we allhave or own coping mechinsims i guess yours seems to be your an awesome lay so kudos to you sir

  11. So, then the TRUTH about Tracy is:

    Tracy is not ONLY a; Slut, Harlot and a Whore, but she is ALSO a “practicing Bitch” (and will no doubt KEEP practicing until she raises it to an ‘art-form’) – but, in general, if she was a male, she could also be a “dick” ???

    PLEASE correct me if I’ve misinterpreted, and should owe her an apology!

  12. I guess this explains the “Greetings, harlot” from Way Back When. 😉

  13. Damn. The ONLY redeeming quality in that statement is the implication that Nate might actually BE “an especially skilled lover,” but backhanded compliments don’t make up for that coldbloodedness.

    1. i think not…. given the “You lasted a lot longer then you used to” comment a couple of weeks ago, i think it safe to say that Nate was a “minute man” back when he was still young dumb and full of___. Tracy’s comment actually refers to the fact that she’s take anyone, regardless of expertise or personal interest, if there is even a fleeting chance her being able to rub one out in the process.

      1. Actually I think Tracy was referring to how long he kept from being a booty call for her, not how long he lasted in the sack with her.

        From her comments I get the feeling that she managed to manipulate him into the sack with her fairly often in the past but Nate slowly managed to ween himself away from her… till now that is.

        1. I think there is only one way to interpret the comment about “lasting”, and that is in terms of the time between undressing and ejaculation.

  14. It’s called Community College, Nate. There’s probably one down the road from your slave wage prison. And then you can get your good enough diploma and not have to work there for the rest of your life…

    That’s unless you want to be a lifer.

  15. Re-reading the archive (hey, it’s better then working) – Check out strip #65. Excellent foreshadowing of tracy’s philosophy.

    1. Sorry – make the strip # 64

  16. And thus we come full circle–the slut is dead, long live the slut! 🙂

  17. In a secret bonus frame Richard just keeps reading his magazine XD

  18. Guess this lays to rest any previous doubts about whether Tracy did the deed with the boss or just flirted with him.

  19. i’ve always wanted to do that last panels reaction to a boss of mine when i was working at a retail chain.

  20. Tracy still reminds me of my ex. Bitch.

  21. Still seems likely to me that she was bluffing all along and that the ass-squeeze was coincidental. She was mad at him suggesting she had slept with the boss to get an advance, so corroborated his story so as to have an argument.
    Now she’s trying to have it both ways, and keep Nate onside for the relationship… her comment in that light sounds almost flirtatious.

    Unfortunately, even if that is the case, Nate has gone WAAAY off the deep end and hasn’t seen it. It’s a good thing, anyway, that he restrained his resignation pique to throwing a shirt in Richard’s face!

    Bets on a ‘revelation and make-up’ conversation when the flashback ends?

    1. Wow, you’re really naive aren’t you? Speaking as a woman, Tracy is the kind of bitch that gives the rest of us a bad name. So far she hasn’t shown that she was anything less than a self absorbed cunt. I highly doubt that she was as innocent of wrong doing as you surmise.

      If you go through life believing things like that you’re likely to be walked on and used as much as Nate. Good luck with that…

  22. Tell me there was a brick in that shirt.

    1. No, but it didn’t get wash last night!

  23. YES

    it’s good to see nate stand up for himself, finally.

    1. Informaiotn is power and now I\’m a !@#$ing dictator.

  24. Nate is finally Tracey’s bitch…

    BTW Druffy is not amused! >:(
    There is still no character called Druffy

    1. To be fair, I haven’t revealed the name of the guy in the magazine ad!

  25. I have to say, that is probably my new favorite magazine ad!

  26. Once again thanks for such an enjoyable comic, and I look forward to reading future postings. Can’t really get into the taking of sides, since I see multiple reasons for each side to take such actions, but I suppose that is the mark of a worthy creative mind; being able to produce images/concepts that motivate/disturb the common wo(man).

  27. OverlordlordLaharl79

    Woooow… Nate is a lot calmer about this situation than I would be. Kudos, Nate, for sticking to your principles(since Tracy’s more than willing to sleep her way to the top)… now if only an ex of mine could learn this same exact lesson.

  28. you know this may sound “weard” to all you and maby Alien” but i kinda see nate and rose’s freand {forgot her name while writeing this} hooking up in the long run why i say this is simple {there the only two “sane” people in this comic to me, but thats just me saying

    1. *weird, maybe, friend (it’s Aya i think) (though be funny if ya meant dickweed.)

  29. Seems like a fair proposal.

  30. You know, as revenge is a dish best served cold and with the hands and that most of these type of stores have vid cams now in storerooms to cut down on pilferage, one does wonder, hmmm.

    You know, Nate could most likely get that tape, take it to a lawyer, show how she had manipulated his schedule, say she told him he had to do it with her or get fired. When it goes to court, or sometime before, the whole sleeping with the boss for promotion comes out and WHAMOO! Instant and total revenge all around, as well as that store having to pay out big bucks.

    Oh, I know it isn’t likely, but would be nice for the schumck to get some payback at least once.

  31. You know, this arc has been pretty much a novelization of David Allan Coe’s country classic “Take This Job and Shove It”

    Personally, I favor the Johnny Paycheck cover:

  32. So, I just went through and read this entire comic tonight, and I am in love. :] Thank you so much. I happened upon it by chance and I am so glad. <3

    1. Thanks, Chelsea. Glad to have you!

  33. Nate’s expression in that second panel hits me every time. It makes you want to cuddle him D:

  34. Good job on the series so far. Sad part is that I have seen some of these senerios in real life as well. Keep up the good work and I look forward to see how the story progresses.

  35. Jesus. Your grasp of drama is enviable, Nick. “Hey, yeah, I’m fucking the boss, so we’re not dating anymore, but you can stick around in case I need to take a break from fucking our boss to satisfy myself with you.”

    I don’t think she could have possibly sounded any more offensive and selfish. Well, maybe if she tacked “bitch” on to the end.

    Well played, sir. Well played.

  36. Given how flawed, selfish and childish Rose can be, she’s really not so bad compared to Tracy, isn’t she? Mind you, while Tracy’s shown she hasn’t really changed much or has gotten worse, Rose simply needs to mature up and realise there are other people with real wants and needs.
    But well done with the booty call part. That makes her a truly selfish, horrible person, rather than someone making an impulsive mistake because she thinks it would help her life and ending the relationship out of guilt. I mean, if I slept with my boss in order to get a promotion so I can use the money/higher position to get a better life, I would be ashamed if I was in a relationship and tell my boyfriend/girlfriend to get someone better because it’s a hard wrong to forgive.

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