"Come with"? Rose must have been watching Fargo again.

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  1. Who new Arne had a kid?

    1. Ha! First!

      1. Observe! The wise Firster ensures he has successfully ensnared his prey before performing the Dance of Accomplishment.

        1. I had assumed TNG would have beaten me to it. Once I saw I had the first, I knew that I had to declare my victory.

        2. And of course I misspell *knew. The prey may have been captured, but the take down was less than perfect.

        3. Ah, but our helpful moderator has your back, as he has had mine once or twice. He has in the past also deleted my corrective post, but for some reason he left you shamefully exposed to the scorn of grammar Nazi!


        4. The Negro Guy says once you go black, you get lazy.

        5. true enough. i had 2nd degree burns all over once, didn’t move for 3 months

        6. ^ Thread Fatality.

        7. Wyatt will succeed in his own style!!! I so swear it!!

        8. What does the wise fister do?

        9. Wash their hands before eating.

        10. The Negro Guy is laughing his ass off.

        11. Always remembers the lube.

    2. I know! My first response was “…the f*ck?!” (The asterisk is for the letter “u.”)

      1. I never would have guessed…

        1. The surprise here isn’t so much that Arne managed to reproduce. The surprise is that he actually stuck around to RAISE a kid, and that the kid’s mom didn’t take out a restraining order against him and sue for sole custody of their child(ren) – that I know of.

          Apart from Arne’s general douche-ness, I have to admire the fact that he doesn’t seem to have any issue with his son’s sexual orientation. This admiration is tainted by the fact that he apparently wants his son to become a player.

        2. The Negro Guy will give you that.

        3. For some reason (probably the crappy wallpaper), I kind of doubt that the female that bred with Arne gave him much choice but to raise the kid on his own.

        4. Arne gets his home decor from the It’ll Be Fine section.

  2. This is gonna end well, I can tell :/

    1. Should be very interesting to see what happens next.

    2. I think it’s going to end with boobs. And possibly some banging.

      1. Kessog would settle for titties and beer…

  3. For some reason when she said Alex, I thought Trevor, making the last panel all the funnier.

  4. At least he’s understanding.

  5. Yeah, what’s the point of being gay if you don’t bring home a dude?

    1. You don’t have to bring home a boy honey. Just screw ’em at they house.

      1. But then your folks nag you about how you never bring your dates home to meet them. Are you ashamed of them or something? And you really should settle down and adopt some kids, we wanna hear the pitter patter of little feet again. We’re not gonna live forever, we want grandkids damnit! Besides, settling down is a sign of maturity and you want our respect and admiration, right?

  6. What a twist.

    btw where is the negro guy?

    1. Mwahaha! That arrogant fool dares not show his face! The day is won! And I, NotTheNegroGuy, will reign over the comment section FOR ALL TIME!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. NEVER! The Negro Guy may be taking a powder, but he has MIGHTY ALLIES all over this board!

        1. Foolish RotSman! You dare underestimate the great NotTheNegroGuy?

        2. You may strike me down, but I shall be avenged as soon as The Negro Guy removes his foot from Black Mandango’s ass and tags in here!!!

        3. Ghost gets the feeling she may soon be getting some company…

        4. Hi ghost! (Trying to ignore NotTheNegroGuy right now, to many cops)

        5. Hi The Negro Guy! Your use of the third person appears to be contagious.

        6. Apparently. NotTheNegroGuy does it well though.

        7. Well, if it isn’t my arch nemesis himself! The Negro Guy! Try as you might to defeat me, I, NotTheNegroGuy will use my latest maniacal creation to destroy you and take over the comment section once and for all!

        8. …The Negro Guy doesn’t really care what you do, cuz The Negro Guy is, you know, Negro. Unless you fuck with the family, then we got problems.

        9. Oh, not to worry, Negro. Their time will come swiftly. As soon as I’ve destroyed you, and all of your cantankerous commenting comerades! Then, there will be nothing to stop me in my conquest of the site!

        10. Uh huh. Right. I’d love to see you go up against Big Bob.

        11. The legendary Big bob? i wasn’t prepared for his presence! I will retreat for now, Negro Guy, but know this! I will be back! And you will rue the day you were ever born Negro! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

        12. The Negro Guy is gonna kill somebody soon, and they know who they are!!!

        13. It’s his foot that’s up my ass…

        14. It’s not his foot, sorry people. Sorry.

  7. Arne has a kid? Someone actually mingled their DNA with his? Well this just makes Arne all the creepier. Knowing that sick fuck like him is responsible for raising a kid…but I have a feeling Alex is nothing like his father.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next…

    1. Is is bad i really like Arne and he just got cooler when i found he was a dad?

      1. Oh,I like him too. I call him a sick fuck in the most loving way possible.

  8. I hereby challenge anyone to out twist my twist… possibly within the next 3 comics, Miranda will be AWOL. Aya gets a hold of Arne’s phone, from Alex, to make some innocent call… sees the pic with Tracy and Nate, goes to tell Rose, but finds that Miranda has found Rose, who she remembered from earlier and wanted to talk to someone about Nate, who she has feelings for, then they all decide to yell at Nate together… only to find Nate getting chatted up by some (insert some new character) who they all end up taking their anger out on.. instead of Nate. BOOM Tracy shows up and laughs at the whole situation. Fists of fury from everyone, cat fight of the year award!! Nick could get an Emmy!!!

    1. Or NOT! … Nick has a way of twisting the dagger at a strange angle, JUST when you think you have it “pegged”!

      I’m going for the soda and popcorn –
      me believes THIS will soon get ‘interesting’!

      1. I got the alcohol and the hot-wings! Who’s bringing the chairs and blunts?

    2. Close, but no flaming phallic symbol. Same beginning, Aya sees the clip on Arne’s phone, and shows / tells Rose. Rose tracks down Miranda and warns her, and the two commiserate and drown each otehrs sorrows in beer. Result, experimental HLA scene between Miranda and Rose, and Purvous catches them in the act.

      1. aren’t we forgetting that arne’s son has been introduced here now? he definitely needs a role somewhere in the picnic scene.

  9. Wow, never expected that plot twist. Never ever expected Arne to have a kid though. I am guessing Arne is a single father then.

    I can always count on Nick to produce exceptional work though.

  10. I didn’t think anything of the use of “come with” til you pointed it out. Then again, I live in Minnesota. We actually do talk like that, if you ever wondered.

    1. I didn’t realize it was specific to the Midwest until recently. I just said it because I found it amusing.

      1. TOTALLY an “upper midwest” thing. my husband and I both grew up saying that (Chicago suburbs) and give each other knowing looks whenever we hear someone saying that.

        1. What? I am in the northwest and I say “come with”. I hear others say that also.

        2. TheReindeerLady

          Just my two copperish disks’ worth here, I actually picked up ‘come with’ back in Alaska in the early 90s.

        3. i’ve heard “come with” in the northeast area. said it myself quite often too.

        4. I”m in the north east, and I’ve said it several times myself. Not sure where I picked it up from though. I think it might be more common than most people think.

        5. I live in Alaska (born and raised) and I hear it all the time, so I don’t know where this ‘specific to the Midwest’ comes from. However, there are a lot of people that were raised in the Midwest that moved up here, so they may have just brought it with them.

  11. Now that’s an understand father.

  12. “Son I just want you to be successful sexually. That’s all I ask.”

    1. “Son, I managed to get some at the office today just by walking into the right room. Surely you can get some if you’d only try a little bit!”

  13. Didn’t even think Arne was that old to begin with, so the seemingly teenage son is definitely a double twist for me.

    1. He’s 35. Not incredibly old, but old enough to have a 17-year-old son.

      1. considering it’s Arne, not really surprising his son would be that old. i get the feeling he’s one of those dude’s who’s just going to get more and more lecherous as he gets older, up until we get the “walking stick with a mirror on the bottom” stage

  14. Oh boy I Foresee an interesting future, I don’t know if I am right yet so I’ll just sit back and watch to find out.

  15. And that is exactly how that talk should go.

  16. Odd, isn’t it? – Weren’t we asking Nick about “installing” a gay character, or someone (like Rose) TRYING a same sex relationship about ten days ago?

    Guess this means Nick LISTENS to ‘valid’ suggestions? (Thanks Nick!)

    1. I’ve had this character in mind for 10+ years, so yes, I psychically listen to suggestions FROM THE FUTURE!

      1. Now if only someone in the future could suggest some winning lotto numbers…

        1. SERIOUSLY. Can you plan to do that next week?

  17. Arne? A kid?

    Wow. I’m not sure if I should be terrified or jealous of the kid…

    1. Terrified of or terrified for?

      Has the name Alex been mentioned previously at all?

      1. Yep. (link NSFW)

        Also here. And he’s been discussed in passing.

        1. And here I thought Alex was a chick…

      2. I guess finding useful, reliable information on the irntneet isn’t hopeless after all.

  18. Makes me wonder what sort of vibe Arne is projecting at her, and what Aya is picking up. It will be interesting when they all get together.

    Arne (thinks): 0.5yr ±3mn until legal BUT son needs some SO .waiting.

    Aya (thinks): A watched pot never boils?! Strange thought.

    Nate (thinks): Not if I can help it, Arne-hole!

    Rose (thinks): Ditto. Especially if he’ll do for me! <3

    Trevor (thinks): Why are they all looking at my sis? And why's that black-haired guy looking at me?!

    Alex (thinks): If I get the sun behind him and kinda squint, he looks a bit like Justin Bieber. (sigh)

    Purvous (thinks):………………..Nobody's talkin' to me……………..All the women have boobies…………………….Ooooh, a pebble shaped like a booby… sorta…

    1. Awkwardest circle jerk ever.

  19. All those in favor of Rose and Tracy getting in a bikini cat fight at the beach party?

    1. Aye! I can never get enough of those groupie fan-girls!

  20. Watching Fargo? Do people from places besides Minnesota NOT say “come with”? I didn’t realize that was one of our verbal quirks at all.

    1. Apparently it’s a midwestern thing! As a Southerner I never experienced it outside of TV and movies.

      1. As far as I can speak for Canadians, or at the very least Albertans, the phrase can also be heard in use up here.

        1. Ditto from Pacific Northwest.

        2. kinda ditto from Olde England. i hear it used, at least, in real life

        3. As a fellow resident of a state where 16 is legal, the first time I ever heard someone use “come with” in that way was in high school. My Latin teacher was from Pennsylvania.

        4. I believe “come with” is phrase heard all over the place. I’ve used it a few times, and I grew up in the Bronx. Sometimes its just the way the conversation flows.

        5. All I know is that you don’t typically hear it in the South, which is what attracted me to it. I’m sure there are isolated pockets of usage everywhere. Maybe it radiates from the Midwest?

        6. I’m from the South, and I use “come with”… What does that mean for me?

        7. That’s not healthy for southerners. You’ll probably die.

      2. I’m in VA, and it was in vogue (in a kind of Valley Girl way, but the girls) when I was in High School, oh so many years ago. So, it’s definitely done it’s time in the South also.

        1. Perhaps, but as a native South Carolinian and current Georgian, I submit that my South is far Dirtier than yours.

        2. It appears as though we’re from the same Dirty South. I, too, am a Georgian. Not that I often readily admit that.

        3. It’s not the hood you from, but how you represent it.

  21. …I never thought of it before, but that makes sense and I’m going to go with it.

  22. To honest that phrase sounds something you would hear in the Southwest as well. Though not very often.

  23. “So bring home a dude then!” Accepting Arne is accepting. 😉

  24. wait they have school uniforms, and have to wear their name tags around their necks? how are you supposed to do anything fun in that highschool?

    1. They have a zero tolerance policy on hijinks.

      1. see, I feel like that’s prison protocol.

        1. We didn’t have the uniforms at my high school, but we did have the ID badges. It was a bigger high school – around 1500 students.

  25. I’m glad i could pull myself away from Pokemon White long enough to check this today, what a satisfactory development.

    1. Your praise is adequate.

  26. Like father, like son?

    1. O.O That’s fucked!

      1. Well… he did “more than just observe”.

  27. First time commenter, long time reader.

    (I’ve always wanted to say something like that.)
    Anyways, just wanted to congratulate you on another great comic. I think not only do your great characters and involved story bring me back here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but also the fact that you talk with your audience. (The commenters, which the comment box is almost like a seperate thing in itself.) It’s nice to know that the author of a comic actually looks at his website and the people who post on it instead of just slapping up a comic.

    1. Thanks!

      The comments section has become an integral part of the site, and I’m glad to be able to interact with everyone. I used to want to have a Forum back in the day, but I think this accomplishes things more succinctly.

  28. Bring home a dude then. Well at least he sound supportive.. How come even in comic books the cute ones are gay?.. I really need to stop being attracted to cartoon characters. lol xp

    1. The Negro Guy says yes, you should.

      1. If you’re quoting Phineas and Ferb, you just became even more awesome in my eyes.

  29. I’d love to see arnes wife (assuming he’s married)

  30. I suspect Alex is going to creating many a shipping fleet.

    1. His nickname can be FedUP or OOPS.

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