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  1. lol I really wanna see him in that speedo now. And I’m curious as to what’s going to happen at the picnic…

    1. Booze and tits, with maybe some wacky hi-jinks.

      1. Don’t forget the butts.

        1. The Negro Guy likes the butts!!!

        2. Who doesnt like butts? Tho im more of a hip guy myself

        3. A nice pair of hips make for a well rounded butt!

        4. Verily, verily, Amen

    2. You forgot to say first

  2. He’s quitting again? Where’s he going to work now?

    1. Maybe he’s just changing departments or moving to another store?

    2. I dunno, I think he’s jumping ship. He doesn’t have a lot of reason to stay. By my logic, he hates the job, he messed things up royally with Miranda, he doesn’t like Bill and he’s got a poisonous relationship with Tracy. Incidentally, I don’t think she’d handle him leaving well, for all her tough talk, if for nothing else than the fear that he’ll surpass her somewhere else and she can’t keep a boot on him as he does. Or she won’t wanna give up the nooners.

      1. could be that hes going to try and charge tracy with sexual harrasment. but thats not really likely because he seemed to be participating, and enjoying himself.

        1. No, didn’t Bill say; “We have to give tracy some notice”? … If someone is going to charge Sexual Harrassment, I DON’T think someone would yell “DUCK” before it hit!

        2. I’d go with “resignation” …

          Tracy IS his “Immediate Supervisor” and protocol would say, SHE must be notified when someone with the ‘seniority’ (like Nate has), leaves.

        3. Sounds more like “Promotion” then “Resignation” – why else would he be considered “leadership team” book keeper is a post of some responsibility, but not really one of ‘leadership’ I am betting that he is a) crying harassment, and b) getting her job.

        4. Scratch my last comment [ misread the panel to say “Now you’re a member of my leadership team”

          So little sleep, so little caffeine… Pinkie is a zombie….

        5. Bookkeeper is above Front End Supervisor and below Customer Service Manager in the hierarchy. As Tracy mentioned before, he’s her second in command.

      2. Them Negro Guy likes the way you think.

        1. There’s more than one TNG?!? And here I thought you were unique!

        2. Often imitated – never duplicated

  3. Mmmm…tasty, tasty speedos.
    Worst. Invention. Ever.

    1. Well they’re not ideal on anyone. They can unveil disappointments about someone who is otherwise delectable, which can roll clousd over the sunniest day, even allowing for cold water’s…effects. But they really approach ‘crime against humanity’ on the kinds of guys who usually seem to think they look good in them…These men usually seem to look like my dad (who has too much dignity to choose the speedo option). As to what my dad looks like…he’s a 60ish guy who could sue Nintendo for appropriating his image and not cutting him in on the profits. Short, potbellied guy with a mustache and a ballcap. Hell, my dad’s even a plumber.

      1. I hate budgie smugglers… there’s never a good reason to wear one. Oh, and for those who don’t know some folks call speedos budgie smugglers because it makes a guy look like he shoved a small bird down his pants to try and hide it. A budgie is a small bird.

        1. TheReindeerLady

          Budgie smugglers, HA! Oh jeez, I can just imagine some poor, hysterical little parakeet trying desperately to escape some dude’s tiny little man-ties! XD

  4. FIRST!!!
    And so the plot thickens

    1. Ironically, Shadow Nebula’s chances at being first appear to have been sucked into a black hole.

      1. You just can’t beat astronomical humour. 😀

      2. I was going to make a comment poking fun at him, but then I decided to ignore the pink elephant in the living room.

        1. What?


          Why won’t anyone talk to me?

          What did I do to piss everyone off?

  5. 7th! thats where the real money is not first

    1. Doesn’t matter you failed that too

  6. I sense Nate’s impending resignation and possibly Tracy’s termination due to sexual harrassment.

    Also, to answer Nick’s question, I’m picturing the “Man-o-Lantern” style from the movie “40-year-old Virgin.”

  7. Like I said Fridays comic won’t be anything special but Mondays if my prediction is correct is going to be interesting.

    Keep up the good work Nick this is one interesting comic.

  8. Nate in a speedo. LMAO

  9. where’s TheNegroGuy?

    1. The Negro Guy had to drop his moms off at the hospital cuz’ she had a seizure.

      1. Hope she’s doing okay. Not a fun thing to go through.

        1. The Negro Guy says she’s fine. She just forgot to take her meds.

        2. Yea, that happens to my brother sometimes, although his are never hospital bad.

        3. They say any seizure is bad. He should at least check in with a doctor afterwards just to be safe….

        4. ILoveTheNegroGuy

          True that any seizure is bad but only if said seizure last over 3 minutes permanent damage can set in. My sister has grand-mal seizures which are the worst and most violent kind which can last around a minute or longer. I have witnessed seizures last up to 7 minutes even with the use of a diastat. It is caused by a neurological imbalance disorder usually progressing towards epilepsy. I work with adults and children who suffer from seizures and or epilepsy. Those who have seizures may not be epileptic.

        5. Our department head had a seizure recently that supposedly lasted 20 minutes! No history or anything. He seems to be fine but they wont let him drive very far yet.

        6. Sorry to hear about your mom, TNG. I have a brother and sister who each have seizure disorders, the brother form head injuries sustained on active military duty, the sis from a botched spinal procedure. They both have some long seizures, or sometimes an extended series of small ones so close on each others’ heels that it takes an EEG to tell when one ends and the next begins. In my brother’s case they’re even worse because he appears to be lucid and just having a tantrum, even though he’s not. Even some of his VA providers have accused him of faking >.< Guess my point is I feel ya on this one. Best wishes to ya.

        7. The Negro Guy thanks you all for the support.

  10. Bill is clearly lacking in a perception of sarcasm. It’s not a particularly hard skill to aquire.

    1. The Negro Guy says especially for black people.

      1. not that race really matters in this department in my opionion, but i thought jewish people were the ones known for sarcasm. if we’re talking racial stereotypes black people are supposed to be good at basketball and wearing they’re pants half falling off.

        1. Have you ever been around blacks while they crack jokes? So much sarcasm.

        2. If it’s the sort of sarcasm that involves shouting insults at each other in a semi-joking manner, then from what I have seen, the Scottish are very good at it too.

        3. That’s the type, says The Negro Guy.

    2. Um… It’s hardly a skill. It’s something that’s obvious without any effort to most people, and highly counterintuitive to the rest of us.

      1. You would understand why I class it as a skill if you had ever met my sister – she is completely oblivious to all forms of sarcasm despite much effort from many people to teach her that not everything that people say should be taken too seriously.

        That said, it is generally obvious to most people when someone is being sarcastic. However, there will always be the odd few who are the exception.

        1. Precisely. Those who don’t have the sense of it can’t easily acquire it.

  11. What’s Bill going to do to Nate if he DOESN’T go? FIRE him?

    1. Likely. From personal experience it’s better to quit than to be fired. That can screw you up for other jobs.

      1. Ah… but if you quit that screws you for unemployment benefits… though if you’re fired for due cause I guess the point is moot since you wouldn’t qualify for benefits either.

  12. What is the Food Baron logo???

    1. It’s a little crown. As seen here.

      1. Now the only question is where that crown would be on a speedo… I hope not the same place i would think it to be on a bikini.

  13. Seems to me he probably asked to have Tracy tranfered or something, which there is plenty reasoning for.
    Awesome comic man.

    1. More likely Nate asked that he himself be transferred. Seeing as Tracy is his boss, he can’t ask to have her transfered. Least I’m assuming the comic follows the usual work conventions when dealing with matters of business norms.

  14. I want to see Purvous on a surf board. In hot Pink board shorts. Owning that shit.

    1. Nope, sorry man. Purvous would most likely be trying to rock the speedo in electric blue no less.

  15. Wait so Tracy is Nate’s boss? I can only imagine the comedy gold comments that could be spawn from that sentence alone.

    I figured that Arne was Nate’s boss and Tracy was the bookkeeper.

    Great work though Nick, I already wish it were Monday all ready.

    1. I could be wrong since I didn’t go back in the comics to verify, but I thought Nate was hired as bookkeeper as well as a cashier when he got his job back, and Tracy was CSM (Not sure what that one stands for, I’ve never heard it used)

      EDIT: I lied. Just before posting, I decided to look for it. Check comic #28, Tracy calls Nate her bookkeeper.

  16. That Jewish dude wants to know just WHY Nate has a Food Baron Speedo. And where would the logo even go?


  17. The Caucasian Guy

    A) Speedos *shivers*

    B) Bill should not be wanting to get a pair

    and C) Pineapple

    1. It takes a man with a certain body type and attitude to properly rock a Speedo. Nate, alas, has neither. 😉

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