Sensory Overload

This of course opens up the possibility of any number of whimsical pranks.

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  1. first!!!

    1. WOOT!!!!!!! I’M BACK FOTHERMUCKERS!!!!!!!

      1. I am Jack’s utter lack of caring about your “first.” Grow up.

        1. πŸ™ ouch bro. tht really hur…oh hell, i can’t even pretend i give a shit πŸ˜› UP YOURS!

        2. Ignore the haters bro. He’s just mad cause he had better things to do at 12:00 on the dot.

        3. Wait 12pm aren’t you all supposed to be drinking???

        4. better thn first on treading ground?!? :O lol

      2. Stop copying me! πŸ˜‰

  2. cool switcheroo

    1. Come on… let’s hear that snap.

  3. Les…calm down, man…

  4. The Negro Guy says funny stuff.

  5. So…Les can’t enjoy whimsical Canadian hillbilly humor?

    1. Probably not. Not from his vision condition, but from his vampyre douchery.

  6. …Les better get it together before he miss the fight.

    1. Actually he looks more focused than everybody else… he is a wannabe vampire you know. Think about it for a second…

      If the girls are bikini wrestling in GREEN jello and Les has Red – Green color blindness; that does not mean he sees black and white for those colors it means that in his mind the too colors look like the opposing color… thus the slinky RED bikini would look green to him and the GREEN jello would… he is a wannabe vampire after all.

      1. What? Red-green color blindness does not mean that the colors are swapped.

        1. I think what AflacMan13 is trying to say is that he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two colours, not that they are swapped. in other words, it doesn’t matter which colour it really is, he would see it as being the same colour as how he sees blood. He could still see it as green, but maybe blood also looks green to him (or whatever colour he sees the two of them as, which could be some strange colour in between the two).

        2. The Negro Guy thinks Les has a huge ass boner right now. He must think those girls are fighting in blood…GIGGITY!

        3. Red green color blindness is where the person who suffers from said condition can’t differentiate from the two colors in which they both appear to be a (usually) brown-ish color.

          I had a friend back in high school with that condition. We would put ketchup in his green slushy everyday and all he would say is: “School food taste like shit, man.”

        4. Not how it works, actually. Red-Green colorblindness is an incredibly generic term for the most common for of the “disability,” but it usually manifests as the inability to differentiate between fine definitions of shade, dark green and dark red, dark green and brown, ect. It applied to more than just red and green as well. An accurate way of looking at it would be to imagine everything a little bit muted, rather than colors being switched completely, or being mashed together. It DOES happen like that, but rarely.

          I’m colorblind, and it took me a bit to get the joke there. Good concept though, if you aren’t intimately familiar with the condition.

        5. Have i got news for you brother,,,,,,,,,,,it does hapen ive seen it

  7. colorblind? damn! just imagine how many green things he drank/licked/smeared all over himself before.


  8. Wait a minute…does this mean Les can only see in shades of blue?

    1. No, but its difficult for him to distinguish between red, orange, yellow and green. Subtle shadings don’t exist for him.

  9. Lmao! That is too funny! makes me wonder what he sees… is it them covered in blood, or does he just not see those colors…

    1. Red-Green color blindness means the individual cannot perceive the difference between red and green. So Tracy could be in a green bikini and red Jello and it would look the same to Les (or red bikini & red Jello, green bikini & green Jello) In no way would it render Tracy’s bikini “invisible”, nor would the Jello not be apparent to Les.

      Sorry if this shoots holes in Nick’s plot development, or the ideas in some readers’ minds.

      1. So I guess Les might think they are covered in blood. However, R-G colorblindness does leave the individual with a sense of color intensity. Green Jello as intense as fresh blood? I doubt it.

        1. I actually am red-green colorblind. I didn’t know that they were wrestling in jello (let alone green jello) until I read these comments… I thought that was just sand all over them. I didn’t get the joke initially until I realized that it was Les, so it must have pertained to blood in some way. I will say though, as a colorblind person, that is an extremely unlikely mistake to make; blood is just too dark of a color, and I would be much more likely to confuse it with any amount of browns.

        2. Wow…I did not know that. Anyway, to summarize; Miranda is wearing black, Tracy is wearing red, and they are wrestling in green Jell-O (or the cheap Food Baron equivalent). And Les is about to have a hampire freakout. πŸ˜‰

        3. While the thing with the color blindness is true for some, the opposite can be true as well in that some peoples “color blindness” is actually “color reversal” where one color looks like another color to them. So the whole ‘Les seeing blood’ thing could be valid for him.

          Secondly, There are three different color shades of blood… dark red is capillary or veinous blood and tends to flow much like room temperature jello. Bright Red blood is Arterial and can be quite bright in hue depending on the oxygen content. Neon it is not but it can get pretty close. Also Arterial bleeding is EXTREMELY life threatening as it is the fastest means of blood loss.

          Amazing what you learn in just a few seconds when you have rockets and bullets flying at you every day for a year.

        4. I can respect the combat knowledge there. I am also an E.M.T. and can attest to the various colors of blood (some of which are distinct, even to the colorblind), as well as to the varieties of colorblindness. Still, looking at jello, and having seen all type of bleeds from nearly every place imaginable, I’d say it’s a bit of a stretch. I’ve never mistaken the color of blood for anything but blood… though of course, that may be my medical training kicking in.

          In my experiences, it it not so much as a clear cut color reversal (as in this green thing looks totally red), so much as it is both colors settling on an in-between hue. I’ve found that whether or not I call something red or green is directly dependant on the available lighting; I most often assume a light color to be red, and a green color to be dark, and once I’ve made this assumption, my brain fills in the rest. However, in a comparison of a brown-red and a dark green, I would be hard pressed to tell you the difference. I might be able to tell they were two distinct colors if they were side-by-side, but I really wouldn’t be able to accurately identify either.

          It may be that this clear-cut “color-reversal” is more common in tritanopia (blue-yellow colorblindness) rather than deuteranopia (red-green). I’ve seen people fail a blue-yellow test, and they still swear they are not colorblind. This must be what normal people feel like when talking to the colorblind… >_>

          P.S. Thanks for putting your life on the line for us AflacMan. I’ve got a few friends who are still on active duty, and we all appreciate what you guys have been doing for us.

        5. Well I would like to thank you also for what you do. My Mother was an E.M.T. for a few years when I was younger so I know that you get to see a lot of really crazy stuff. Thank you for choosing to help others friend.

          Well I am not a doctor myself so my knowledge of color blindness is somewhat limited… so thanks for explaining that for me. So yeah it is a pretty good stretch… this is a web comic after all. πŸ™‚

          A very awesome web comic I might add. Keep it coming there Nick.

          R-P.S. : No problem. Its what I like to do. I would gladly be willing to lay down my life for my country if that is what it took.

        6. Thanx for your service. I was over there myself, off the coast in an Aircraft Carrier, both USS Lincoln and USS Nimitz in 2008, and 2009-10. I don’t think I could have done that.

        7. No problems bud. Hey don’t sell your self short… the Navy is just as important in a fight. Every day the Navy runs missions into and out of hot zones. Freedom is not only won on the land but in the air and on the open sea as well. Remember – Seal Team 6 is Navy after all. πŸ™‚

        8. Indeed! And the seldom-mentioned CIA operatives were also a part of that operation, and deserve our admiration as well. And the operators who “flew” the stealth drones overhead to collect the needed intelligence which made the “go/no-go” decision possible in the first place. There were years of time and a great many contributors, and I thank them all.

      2. Well, I don’t think the point was that he sees the bikinis as invisible. Rather, that to him this looks exactly like two hot chicks smeared in blood. And we all know how he feels about blood… Thus the hawtness-fugue. ^.^
        At least, that’s my interpretation of todays events.

        1. Aww, I was 10 seconds slow. Now you’ve gone and made me look silly. πŸ™

        2. “hawtness-fugue.”

          That’s it. You’ve diagnosed the disorder I got from tumblr pr0n.

        3. I totally thought at first that red-green color blindness meant he saw red and green as white, which brought and entirely different interpretation.

        4. Yeah. Gonna double this Ha!

      3. I think it’s more along the lines of what Geekazoid said. It’s not that Les isn’t seeing anything on them, it’s that he’s thinking the green jello is all red, and probably thinking it’s two girls wrestling around in a pool of blood.

  10. Oh god…I love his face. It’s just…
    I’m afraid of what’s going to happen now…

    1. Think of what will happen when he tries to lick the “blood” off their…um…bodies. πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh sweet Jesus on a weasel.

  11. Damn… I logged on 3 minutes early… hoping for a first post to be a first… to find out… my time zone fails xD im an hour later xD

  12. I find it hard to believe that two pieces of string would have held those bikinis together for this long…

    1. Uh… not all bikinis are made with fabric tied together with string. Tracy’s looks more along the lines of a properly moulded-bra type bikini, which means that yes, it could have held together this long.

      1. The Negro Guy says this is why we ask women about these things.

        1. I’m not really the bikini (or swimming) type, so I think the Fashion Design major has more to do with me knowing about this stuff than the fact that I am female.

  13. now i wonder what it’s like to see this picture from les’s POV. no really from an artistic point im curious.

    1. If you have access to Photoshop, there’s a way to alter an image to create a ‘colorblindness’ effect.

      Step 1: Switch color mode to LAB.

      Step 2: Select a fill or brush, set color to 50% gray.

      Step 3: In Channels, select channel ‘a.’

      Step 4: Paint the entire channel gray.

      Step 5: Return to composite view.

      For blue-yellow colorblindness, use channel ‘b.’

      1. I think Nick should do this as a bonus slide or something.

        1. Before Photoshop, we had imaginations. πŸ˜‰

        2. I’m not familiar with that app. Is it for iphone or android?

        3. I believe the iMagination app is for the iPhone, but Apple hasn’t approved it for their store.

        4. Yes, but there are two problems with this:
          1) we don’t know how accurate our imaginations are without comparing notes with someone who experiences the phenomenon in question;
          2) if our imaginations were all-sufficient, we wouldn’t need art to show us anything. πŸ™‚

        5. my imagination is pretty accurate and sufficient actually but its nice to get out of your own mind every once in awhile

        6. I’d kind of like to see such a test done. Do a Photoshop “colorblindme” render, and have someone R/G colorblind compare to the original. If he/she can’t tell the difference, you did your job. (From what I understand, R/G colorblind can tell the difference between red/green and gray – it’s not that R/G have no saturation. So would merging them into a shade of brown be the closest? Obviously someone R/G colorblind can’t properly describe the exact color, since they don’t know the difference (like trying to have a deaf person describe the difference between middle C and F sharp,) but it has been described that all hues from red to green look “the same base color”, they learn to tell certain “shades” based solely upon brightness difference as opposed to hue difference. (So, as it was described to me, they know that the “R/G color” of a certain brightness is “road sign green” whereas the “R/G color” of a different brightness is “road sign red”. If someone happened to make a stop sign in the exact same brightness value, but green, he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference – but actual green road signs are a different brightness than stop-sign-red.) At least, that’s my interpretation of the descriptions that a few R/G colorblind people have told me.

        7. While this is different than your test, many commercial applications have a 508 compliance setting which goal is to allow folks with disabilities to use the application just as easily as folks without disabilities.

  14. Is ir just me or Les looks like Raiden? :O

    1. aha he does.

    2. Maybe he IS Raiden. (props to Nick if so).

  15. I am jill’s surprise at another fightclub reference

    1. I am Ghost…

      wait, that doesn’t work…

  16. I wonder whether L’estat’s colour-blindness could in any way have influenced the development of his “condition”…

    …naaah, probably not – it was more likely down to overdosing on Anne Rice and vampire movies at an impressionable age, same as everybody else.

    But now I am suddenly reminded of a place in Dante’s Inferno that he would love:

    Outer ring of the seventh circle of Hell, where the violent against people and property are confined in the Phlegethon, a river of burning blood. The deep parts of the river are home to the most violent, and…

    L’estat: Blood! Blood! It buuurnssss, but it’s blood!! And it’s all mine!

    Ghengis Khan: And you are welcome to it, freak! (grumbles)

    Nessus the centaur approaches quietly along the bank with a long spear as L’estat splashes and frolics, spears him through the ribs and lifts him out.

    Nessus: You’re not supposed to be here! You’re in the inner ring of this circle with the violent against God and nature.

    L’estat: Hsss- the burning rain is annoying, the usurers have no conversation, the blasphemers are worse, and as for the sodomites-

    Nessus: That doesn’t matter. I don’t make the rules here. How do you keep getting out, anyway? You shouldn’t even be able to leave the inner ring, let alone traverse the middle ring without the dogs and harpies rending you apart.

    L’estat: I have my ways. The blood draws me to it. Oh- behind you!

    Sid Vicious has climbed out of the Phlegethon and grabs Nessus by the balls and slaps him on the rump, leaving a flaming, bloody hand print. Nessus lashes out with a hindhoof. Sid dodges.

    Sid Vicious: HA! Wanker!

    Sid dives back into the Phlegethon. Nessus grabs his bow and sends a shower of arrows after him. He turns back to Les, now lying on the riverbank, still impaled on the spear.

    Nessus: Hrrm. Tell you what – you go and fetch him back, or at least flush him out, and I’ll let you have another hour.

    L’estat: On top of hunting time? Deal, sir.

    Nessus yanks the spear from Les, and Les dives gracefully into the Phlegethon.

    Nessus: (calling after him) I’ll make it two hours if you can find that Hermann GΓΆring as well!

    Nessus turns, revealing a crude swastika scrawled in burning blood on his other flank.

    Sorry about that, imagination running away with me again. I now return you to your regular TG comments. >:=)>

    1. ……. damn thats good

    2. With regards to “overdosing on Anne Rice and vampire movies at an impressionable age”, I recall being on line for a club, and while chatting with fellow queue members as we waited we were treated to this gem from a person very much like Les: “I’m really a 300 year old vampire” A member of our group who was quicker on the uptake than I replied “If you’re a 300 year old vampire, why are you waiting in line like the rest of we peons? Why don’t you have your own private room within the club?” Que the wah-wah-wah music,and a visible deflation of the vampire wannabe.

  17. Wait, wouldent that mean Les thinks blood is green? or am i just dumb?

    better question; How does he know red is red and green is green? wouldent he just call green red since it’s what he’s been seeing when all these pepole are saying its red?

    1. He doesn’t – that’s the whole reason colour-blindness is a problem. We don’t know what colour he would see it as, but the point is that it is quite likely he can’t tell the difference between red and green, which is why it would look like blood to him.

      1. My friend wanted to be a pilot, but he has both types of color-blindness. He tells me he still has to ask for help when dressing himself because he’s not always sure if the colors match. interestingly enough, he thought the tan boy scout uniforms (we were both scouts) were purple until someone told him about it.

  18. ruh roh shaggy, looks like slicing the meat was only the foreplay. Les jumping in would just be disturbing.

  19. Incorrect joke is incorrect, but the real humor is Les’ expression, which is gold

  20. If Les confuses red and green, i really hope he doesnt have driving licence πŸ™‚

    1. People are expected to know which light’s at the top, you know…

  21. Cut the red wire, Les! The red wire! Or we all die!!!

  22. Voice of reason-ish

    Perhaps when he was younger, but by this point he’d have already noticed that people use two different names for “undistinguishable” colors, done a bit of research and found out his problem. If you assume the glasses guy (sorry forgot the name) is informing of a fact, rather than speculating, then it stands to reason that Les himself was the one to inform of that, presumably at hiring time because it may be relevant.

    So no, while he may need someone to point out which is which, he must definitely know that red and green are two different colors.

    1. Voice of reason-ish

      Uh, that was meant as a reply to Draconi above. I don’t understand this system, it seems.

  23. The colorblindness aspect has been beaten to (un-)death, so I won’t touch on that.

    I will comment on the R/G pranks, though. We have a co-worker who is R/G colorblind, and occasionally have fun at his expense. Usually nothing bad – one example is that he has a pair of bright neon blue-green pants that he didn’t realize were quite as neon as they really are. He thought they were just pale blue. (Like REALLY faded jeans.) So he gets teased about his blue pants. He is known for being *REALLY* casual (as in: always wears a flat-bill baseball cap, ratty T-shirts, etc.)

    Well, he was interviewing for an in-house promotion, so he wore a nice ‘business casual’ outfit. (And no hat – holy crap that boy has “hobbit hair!”) He was wearing a nice pale green shirt, with nice complimentary dark green socks. So I decided to pull his leg a little.

    “Wow, those red socks go very well with that green shirt!”

    His face went pale, he looked at his socks in horror, “NO! I thought they were brown!” (Which is funny in and of itself – that he managed to get a shade of green that went very well with the shirt, while thinking they were brown.) It took four other people confirming they were actually a perfectly acceptable shade of green before he would believe they weren’t red.

    After that, he did loosen up a little. And yes, he did get the promotion. (From senior tech support to junior developer. Quite a feat considering we outsource all junior developer positions – he was the first in-house junior developer. Obviously they hope to train him up to senior developer status eventually.)

  24. Obviously Arne has this thumb on the pulse of the store (read: everyone under his thumb.) Does this make him the power behind the throne, or the man on the move up the ladder?

  25. 70th !!! (I think…)

  26. I can vouch for you guys.
    I’m red-green color blind (and also female, so it’s kinda rare)
    It’s hard to describe what I see, but like
    Sometimes I can tell things are red and green and brown.
    But sometimes, when they’re together, they look the same.
    Not both green or both red, but some sort of odd color of both.
    Sometimes I deduce it as red, sometimes as green, or brown.
    It’s weird.

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