12 thoughts on “Entangled

  1. Floordrobe is awesome

  2. haha i thought i was the only person who had a floordrobe 🙂

    1. Pretty much every teenager ever has had a floordrobe in their room.

      1. I can attest to that.

      2. Heya, Plas. Speaking for myself, I haven’t been a teen for a very long time, but I still occasionally dip into my floordrobe. It doesn’t look or smell dirty? Yeah, ima wear it.

  3. I also have a bootrobe, it’s basically a portable floordrobe!

  4. Possibly the single most awesome thing I have read all year. Bravo!

  5. oh, I’ll share with you my most favourite new word of the year.

    Relictronics. Those old electronics that you won’t/haven’t/may-never pitch to the tip. Such a perfect and awesome neologism.

  6. I have a laundry-basket-drobe…does that count? 😉

    1. Yes.

      Well, according to me it does.

      Because I have one too.

  7. lol floordrobe

  8. That Jewish Dude says… RESPECT THE FLOORDROBE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!


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