Now Officially Updating Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

As part of my ongoing efforts to legitimize this webcomic, Treading Ground will now be updating three times a week with regular updates!

When I first started updating twice weekly, I established the concept of Friday Extras as something I wouldn’t do every week, and even when I did, they wouldn’t be full comics. But half-assed updates really didn’t sit too well with me. Looking back on the 6 weeks since then, we’ve seen three full-fledged comics, two pieces of finished art, and just one sketch day. In other words, I was doing just about as much work as I would be updating M-W-F anyway, so it made sense to make it official. That’s not to say that I won’t ever post extra stuff again, of course; I just won’t be releasing it on a schedule.

Thanks to everyone who reads this comic, and special thanks to those of you who comment, “Like” the updates on Facebook, and interact with me on Twitter. A lot of webcomic artists out there say they would gladly still be doing their comic even if nobody was reading, but they’re either better people than me, or they’re lying!

17 thoughts on “Now Officially Updating Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

  1. Militant Bibliophile

    It’s Christmas in August! No, seriously, this is a great strip, and 50% more of it is a GOOD thing. Can’t wait for the next update!

  2. Yay more updates! u da man!
    Also per your tip i looked up Dance til tomorrow and its now in my top 10 manga’s

  3. _!_HUZZAH_!_ !

    3 “Tiger” Cheers and a “GOOD SHOW” !

    Love the strip, been following it since beginning of the year (and played “catch-up” on the early efforts). Friday mornings are BORING as no other strip (except the ‘big names’) have updated.

    Nick, you’ve made my weekends! – Thank you!

  4. Man, I’ve come into Treading Ground at a good time. I only just found the strip about 5 weeks ago and love it. I’ve read through all of them at least twice. I guess I’m lucky since it seems you just started back this year and now 3 strips a week… sweet deal.

  5. Woot! Good for you!

  6. Yay you’re one of my favorites.

  7. Thanks guys! I really appreciate hearing from you, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic!

  8. Something on your site is blocking Firefox with Noscript for even displaying your whole Web PAGE, much less the comic. Have to use IE to view youer comic now…happens on soe,m other ComicGenesis sites as well, so it’s either something in your ad network or ComicGenesis itself that’s doing the blocking.

    1. I’m not on ComicGenesis anymore. If you’re still using that CG URL, try going through directly instead.

  9. Hey Hoh,

    first one, excuse my terrible lack of english. 😉

    I just want to say, I like your comic very much and be excited that you regularly update 3 time now! Your one of my first clicks on these days.

    Greetings from good old Germany


    1. Thanks! And don’t worry about the English. You’re better than many native speakers I’ve dealt with online. 🙂

  10. Just found your comic and just wanted to say keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see your work hit the printers so I can grab it in book form.

    1. Thanks! That’s going to be a logistical nightmare, considering how often I switched from strip form to page form, but it’ll happen eventually.

  11. Hey man…Saw an advert for you over on QC I believe it was and decided to take a chance.

    <– Loyal Frakkin Fan for life.

    Actually took the time to admire underage boobies..(yes I know I'm a bad man and will go to hell…but I know for a fact that I'm gonna have company..because those were some smokin hot boobies.) once I recovered myself..I went to the first strip and read from there…Looking forward to checking for new comics as part of my daily wake up regime. Keep up the fantastic work.

    1. I can’t afford ads on QC, so it may have been Menage a 3 or Between Failures. At any rate, glad you topped by, and thanks for your kind words!

  12. Got linked here today and quickly went through the archives. Great site and added to my Web Comic folder.

  13. You have to be the only person in webcomics whose updating more often than you planned instead of less. Love the comic.

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