20 thoughts on “Speaking of Ranma 1/2… [FANART]

  1. Anything for a fellow Ranma 1/2 fan 😉

  2. XD That is brilliant. Ranma1/2 is almost as awesome as Treading Ground ^_^

  3. Words fail me. All I can say it. This. Is. Pure. Awesome!

  4. that’s awesome!

    old school anime fans are the best!

  5. is there any question that Kuno would be played by Purvous, and Kodachi by Rose’s sister (forget her name)

    1. No no, Kuno would have to be Arne. Purvous can be Sasuke or Happosai. Kodachi would be…yea, Nina’s pretty much all that’s left.

      Genma could be…Jimi, maybe? “You done fucked up, boy!”

  6. I love Ranma 1/2, so seeing this is really awesome.

  7. This is maximum, maximum win.

  8. Sweet work by a talented artist!

  9. Serious rocking FanArt. Insert WOW* here

    (Words Of Wonder)

  10. Want….

  11. So… Rose is a guy than?

  12. Bill’s Soun Tendo. Just… With less hair. Hmmm…. Nina could be a slutty Nabiki, I guess… With Beth as an alcoholic Kasumi? Trevor… As Gosunkugi? Kinda grasping at straws here…

    1. If Les wasn’t Mousse here, he’d be perfect for Gosunkugi.

      1. Agreed wholeheartedly.

  13. U mean she’s not Mexican? She better not b from a place that starts with A and ends with a

  14. Pure excellence. I am not only happy to see this but also amazed at the possibilities.

  15. Amazing! I nominate Kai for guest strip, but please no gender changing, lets leave that part of Ranma 1/2 out. At least wait till a later time when the strip has run out of ideas and decides to make a whole Ranma series? Copyright? What are you talking about, maybe the Ranma 1/2 creators would be honored by Treading Ground featuring their work? You know I’m going to stop now, I am dishonoring all parties, time for seppuku.

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