New Shirt – Undead Teenage Mothers!

NEW!! – Undead Teenage Mothers

Man, I saw these guys one time. Best show of my life. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a chick play the xylophone on her exposed ribcage. They don’t play during the day because the vampire bassist would disintegrate in the sunlight. But that zombie babe they have on lead guitar, WOW. And so what if things occasionally fall off when she flashes the crowd? Great souvenirs, I say!

As seen in this comic.

4 thoughts on “New Shirt – Undead Teenage Mothers!

  1. They got a website or vid’s? I had a quick google but couldn’t find much, in the UK so not much chance of seeing them heh.

  2. Toaster of Vengeance

    @Daveface- I don’t think it’ a real band

  3. Lol “Great souvenirs”

  4. Rose, i love tegan and sara and would play it for (my now ex) best friend on guitar…. does that mean that IIII am gay??? no. i am happily married and just like some gay tunes every now and then =) plus i like shooting. guns, fingers whatever. love TG btw great web comic. every mwf i HAVE to see what’s going on =) laters

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