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This week I’ll be posting extra Treading Ground material that either didn’t quite make it in to the main comic or otherwise provides some additional perspective. I have posts lined up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday for sure. Today’s post is an extra comic!

Way back in the day when I first got into webcomics I would take other people’s existing comics and rewrite them, changing the words and the expressions to match my new words. I referred to it as “strip hacking,” though when I do it with my own work it’s probably more accurately referred to as “refurbishing.” Expert TG readers will recognize the art from an earlier storyline, but the words are all new. I’ve seen whole comics made that way, so I figured it was worth a shot.

This script is one I wrote quite some time ago, but since TG has been so heavily storyline driven for the past year or so, I never did get another chance to put in some more one-off Nate and Steve roommate banter.

Enjoy! Wednesday’s post is all about Purvous.

32 thoughts on “Extra Comic!

  1. I am oddly very interested in wednesdays. Hopefully an explanation on the day at the beach while purvous held down the fort

    1. He had his care home friends over and they played Bridge.

  2. This really should have been posted as a comic page. I wouldn’t have seen it at all if I hadn’t clicked the link to your new project and noticed the followup link to this.

    1. You know, you’re right. People just don’t scroll down. Edited.

      1. Well when I first came to the site, it wasn’t even on the main page, the main page was still showing Friday’s comic. I’m not sure if that was because my cache wasn’t cleared, or something on your end, but was showing up on the main page after you posted.

        Either way, it is better this way, posted as a comic. Maybe put a filler page between the last comic and this one (and the next couple I guess?) indicating that was the end and these are out of continuity for anyone browsing the archives?

        1. It was there, but it was pretty far down the page, so you had to scroll a bit.

          I’m going to post the extra stuff as comics this week, then convert them to blogs afterward for future readers of the archive.

    2. RSS.

      It is your friend. Learn it. Use it. Love it.

  3. Hehe la cucaracha… a spanish song about cockroaches, and yet is loved by billions of people.

    1. More than that, it’s a song about a cockroach who refuses to march because he has no marijuana to smoke. Yes, illegal drugs and military insubordination – who would have thunk it!

      1. hahaha that is awesome… now I get it!

  4. In other circles it is known as “strip slaying”, particularly those ones that take a well known and possibly beloved scene and totally subvert it for comedy purposes. That, or write a more mundane (and possibly inane) plot for said scene for comedy purposes.

    Since we’re on the subject of names and all. They fascinate me.

    1. Sorta like the Dysfunctional Family Circus?

      1. I have never heard of this before, but it sounds both correct and awesome.

  5. GAHH something about my weaker cell reception is only making half the comic appear on my phone it’s infuriating.

  6. Personally, I would have gone with “cockroach INFESTED shithole”. “Filled” has more sanitary connotations.

  7. How about “Crowley-infested fuckhole”? “At any time you may encounter a horny-drunk Beth Crowley, who can mistake you for any one of her hundreds of former sex partners, some of whom exist only in her DTs. In this state, she is not subject to pain or fatigue and cannot be reasoned with or rendered (more) unconscious except by use of near-lethal force or near-lethal quantities of alcoholic beverages.”

  8. *Raises curtain

    Nah, ‘garbage house’ would work much better. Common in tightly packed urban areas where ‘out on the curb’ isn’t an option for larger amounts.

  9. This might sound like a stupid question, but is “The Idle State” gonna be about Aya and her gay friend as protagonists? They look awfully alike on that sampler panel, and it’d definitely be enjoyable.

    1. You guess wisely!

      1. This is so very approved, sir. Prepare the mouthwash.

  10. I see what you did there…

  11. I’d defiantly try to get an apartment there if I read that review. Cockroaches have so much to teach us! Like to avoid nuking each other. That’s what killed the dinosaurs, cockroaches having a nuclear war. Afterwards, the few survivors decided that nuclear weapons were wrong, and tried to start a new society. It didn’t work, and degenerated into the way cockroaches live today.

  12. I checked out the idle state…. was that Aya on the cover???

  13. late fan, came here a few months back because I saw your add at shortpackeed dot com, read a couple of strips and it was funny but I was unable to find the site again.(forgot the name of the comic)

    thanks to websnark I was able to find again, read all the NSFW strips and then read the entire run and it was fun, to bad its ending
    thats all I wanted to say see ya

  14. wait… TG is over and we didn;t see rose naked once? CURSE YOU BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!

    1. Somebody hasn’t looked closely enough at the archive.

  15. i meant completely naked full frontal, nothing blocking the way.

    1. Check #116. Nothing blocking her there. Ultimately though, I’m not going to show vag. This isn’t a porn comic.

  16. I can´t help myself, but I have to write it. All those descriptions of apartment sounds like name of porngrind song 😀

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