12 thoughts on “Psych

  1. Pronunciation guide needed…I’m thinking “bas-TAR-dit-ood,” but there are other ways it could go. What’s the official TG method of saying this?

    1. It should really be “bastardry” to be honest.

      1. Perhaps, unless he’s combining “bastard” with “attitude”.

  2. You’re pretty close. “bas-TAR-di-tood”

    Man, there’s going to have to be a Nicktionary if I keep making up words.

  3. I would totally buy a “You Have No Idea The Depths of My Bastarditude” shirt.

    1. good call

      1. Great idea.

        1. nooneinparticular

          i want one

    2. Want. WANT!!!

      1. Yeah, I’d be in for one of those. Don’t see it in the store so I think I’ll just put one together myself. When it’s just text like that it’s not too hard.

  4. Steve’s comment in the last panel sounds like something my brother would say…

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