12 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. The Subscribe link does not work. Please fix!

    1. Works On My Machine!

      Give it another shot, try another browser, or click on the little RSS icon thingy in the address bar if you’re in Firefox.

  2. I wonder who won that little competition…

    1. Do you really have to ask? 😉

    2. Oh I think we ALL came out winners in that kind of contest! ^_^

  3. Has no one noticed the sign in the first panel?


    1. You found the Easter Egg!

      (Seriously, surprised no one had picked up on that.)

    2. Nope. It was very cleverly hidden dead center of the panel, as the central focus for the entire scene. Therefor it must have slid by all of us! >.>

  4. I love how the little space (between the Y and the O) makes me wonder if the sign is supposed to read “Your mother is a whore” or “Why our mother is a whore”.

  5. And that is why they switched to uni’s.

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