What A Girl Wants

9 thoughts on “What A Girl Wants

  1. why can’t this shit happen to me?

    1. …’cause you’re not Nate? ;p

    2. Because Sean Connery.

    3. i knopw, right?

    4. Cause Chuck Norris denies it from happening to you

      1. In order to subvert the Will of Norris, one must call upon his Greatest Adversary, Bruce Lee, to awaken from his Slumber & Humble the Lord of all Roundhouse Kicking!

    5. Because you’re not the Protagonist.

      1. More specifically, you’re not a protagonist with a 4-letter name beginning with “N”, written by an author with a 4-letter name beginning with “N”. ^_-

        1. I’ll just go back to Nate’s original name, “Fauntleroy Clutterbuck”.

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