Can You Describe The Nature of the Ruckus?

20 thoughts on “Can You Describe The Nature of the Ruckus?

  1. this made me laugh till i cried

  2. I am laughing my ass off so hard right now!!!

    1. Me too XDDDDDD

  3. I’m never going to stop laughing at this! XD

  4. looks like she broke pervious

  5. Oh man I just started reading this comic. It is so wrong but i love it.

  6. Admit it, gents. We may be too “normal” to express it so bluntly, but we’ve ALL had moments like Purvous’s.

  7. I’m having one RIGHT NOW!

    …did I say that out loud? 😉

    1. No, you typed it.

    2. Yes Virginia, you did.

  8. …Mop? Have sex ed classes changed rules around and now include a mop? And Kix. Ewwww. D:

  9. That Jewish dude wants to know how Purvous got the Kix box on his head so quickly.


    1. Time passes between comics. If I were to depict the minutiae of every interaction, it would take me 300 strips to get through a single day in comic time.

      1. WOOOHOOOO!!!! Nick Replied to one of my comments!!! I feel special now.

        And I wonder what Rose wanted that whipped cream for? *Gigitty*


  10. OMG i lol so hard

  11. The last box with purvous just became my background wallpaper on my G2. If it were a t shirt I would buy it.

  12. …Why is Tracy complaining about Rose causing a scene if she’s pulling her bra hard enough that one of the girls is slipping out?

    1. I swear it wasn’t like that the first time I read the strip… I think Nick has been tinkering again…

  13. Now, when I go back to school, I’m gonna shout, “AH WANNA MAKE A BABYYYYYYYY” throught the halls.

    1. “I wanna be an Airborne Ranger/I wanna live a life of danger…” 😀

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