It’s A Hard Life

8 thoughts on “It’s A Hard Life

  1. WOAH! Style jump!

    1. Yeah, that happens a few times. I’d come back after a time and start fiddling with things. It doesn’t really start to get solid until after #100.

      1. it all looks good
        keep up the good work, and the caustic wit

  2. hey, your drawing has improved a lot from the first bunch of strips to now…good work. i’m an artist myself and i know how hard it is to draw cartoons.

    1. TV Tropes is a damn trap! you think it’s nothing special and next thing you know 4 hours have gone by and you still have no clue what you’ve been doing the whole time

  3. This one is hilarious!

  4. I’ve read that the human with the longest penis is actually an intersex, they call her “anaconda.”

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