Check the C:\Boring Stuff\ directory.

26 thoughts on “Check the C:\Boring Stuff\ directory.

  1. nah C:\Porn plain and simple\

  2. Desktop:
    Strange(Folder)\Takeonme(if you know the manga you’ll know what I mean)


  3. >.>

    "side dishes"

  4. She is the perfect woman.

    I am in love.

    1. and yet i am a porn watching pansexual (look it up) 24 year old woman and still single… cause chubby girls get left behind… nevermind that it means i have huge tits… i’m chubby so i must be useless and undesirable
      there is no such thing as the perfect woman

      1. you know I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better….. Honestly I do think real women do have curves.
        my email is

        1. Just to be clear… different Nick.

        2. With luck, Everyone was a winner on this thread 🙂

      2. Seek out the black brothers, Grasshopper, for they are well known to respect a girl with cushion for the pushin! 😉

  5. C:\ProgramData\{429CAD59-35B1-4DBC-BB6D-1DB246563521}\x86\x86\sys\

  6. C:/Pictures/”L33t”

    1. im sorry sir but what operating system are you using?

      1. N00buntu?

        1. more like winDORKS xDERP

        2. Not with quotes in the name, he ain’t.

  7. D:/Temp/HCP

  8. C:/Dantesinferno/
    “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

  9. C:/pictures/hentai – suck it porn searchers who dont know japanese.

    1. What Porn searcher DOESNT know of Hentai?

      awwwwwwww yeah

  10. C:/Financial Spreadsheet
    Although I’ve got to give props to the Boondock Saints reference Rahcaz made.

  11. My Documents\My Pictures\pr0n, a bunch of stuff in My Documents\unzipped, and 4chan.

  12. C:\NVIDIA\Graphics

  13. C:\Windows\twain32\drivers

  14. I have no porn, only anime/cartoon smut.

  15. A Friend will help you move.

    A Real Friend will help you move a body.

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  16. My DocumentsMy PicturesEverything Goes With Guyles Theme

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