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  1. Pretty gratuitously stupid to throw political insults into a non-political comic. It’s a surefire way to get half of your potential audience angry at you.

    BTW, how’s that hopey changey thing working out for ya?

    1. Sarah Palin is a joke even to conservatives. How’s that “Drill, Baby, Drill” thing working out for YOU?

      1. Well, to be fair, the situation in the gulf was the result of a FOREIGN company drilling for oil in America, not an American one as those who spout the “Drill Here” sentiment generally endorse. I concede that the result could have (and probably would have) been the same whether it was British Petroleum or ExxonMobile, but my point is that a foreign company coming in to drill isn’t exactly what they advocate. It’s like saying Russia was responsible for the Tiananmen Square massacre because they’re communist like China.

        But whatever, I’m not trying to restart an old arguement.

        1. Im from Canada on the western coast and cant help but lol at the US situation

        2. hey, you guys have oil… We’re gonna need that eventually. What we lack in bargaining power we make up for in foolish willingness to utilize the military machine that costs about half your GNP. 😛

        3. West coast though; that’s BC. It’s Alberta that’ll be in shit when the US needs Canada’s oil.

        4. Canada already exports a whole heap of oil to the US…

      2. “Treading Ground” rules and Sarah Palin drools. ‘Nuff said! 😉

        1. nooneinparticular

          also, fyeah sublime poster
          because lovin’ is what i got

      3. If it’s “Pretty gratuitously stupid to throw political insults into a non-political comic”, then on what monumental level of stupidity is it on to comment on THAT? NASCAR stupid?

      4. That’s for sure. I’m politically pretty well aligned with what she says but would have seriously considered voting lefty if she had been the presidential candidate. I may be right-wing, but a lefty is better than an idiot.

    2. Which half would that be, the half of the US population that votes in the elections? Ba-zing!

      Just kidding. With all the people outside of the US who reads comics, like me, the amount of people potentially offended by caricatures of their favorite American politicians is really very small indeed.

    3. At least he’s going to finish his term…

  2. Wow. Is your primary source of political information This Modern World cartoons? Try reading something from the right side of the web sometime.

    I suppose you thought you were insulting Sarah Palin with your cartoon, but what you did was insult Sarah Palin supporters. Stupid move.

    But hey, it’s your comic. While you’re at it, maybe you should go after Rush Limbaugh listeners too. I have it on highly placed (left-wing) authority that hardly anyone likes to listen to him either!

  3. Okay, Brad, just a couple of things to point out here.

    1. This is a webcomic. It’s hardly unprecedented to make the occasional political joke, even in a non-political comic. Learn to take a joke. If you’re a webcomic reader afraid of someone offending your delicate sensibilities, you should probably develop a thicker skin, or stick to the one or two comics that specifically support your ideology.

    2. If Rush comes up, I certainly will go after him. Public figures are up for scrutiny.

  4. I think I need to expand a little on what I’ve said. I’m not trying to have the last word; besides that’s impossible when it’s your webcomic.

    I’ve enjoyed reading treadingground. I think in general it’s ribald fun. Though I was personally annoyed by #83, I also intended to give constructive criticism in my feedback.

    I read your entire archive before I made the comment on #83, and I was well aware of the other political jokes you made such as Dick Cheney in Hell. Those other jokes didn’t bother me at all. But #83 did.

    I think the problem is #83 crossed the line from joke to harsh editorial. The last panel wasn’t some wacky character spouting off, it appeared to me as the artist making an accusation and a pretty vile one at that.

    You might not have intended that reaction, but that is how I first took it. And I suspect other audience members could have taken it the same way. And if you couldn’t see that potential you deserved fair warning.

    1. lol imagine being genuinely upset by something this innocuous

  5. Thanks for the perspective. It’s true that I wasn’t considering that anyone would interpret a criticism of a public figure’s followers differently than they would criticism of the public figure herself. I’m not sure how many people feel as you do, but it’s something to be aware of.

    But if you made that first comment for any reason other than dropping a combative zinger, it certainly didn’t come across.

    Don’t worry, I’ve been there. Seems that this is how internet arguments go for me; we exchange the customary blows, then come to some sort of understanding.

    At any rate, I hope you keep enjoying the rest of the strip!

  6. Those are the best wireless networks I have ever seen.

  7. I don’t care what anybody says I thought that this comic had a good punchline.

  8. Just another right wing nut job. Nothing to see here folks move along.

  9. I thought it was hilarious.

  10. I stand by it. Thanks for the support, guys!

  11. I liked it and loved those wireless networks. As for the right winger who felt insulted, eh, ignore people like that. They are the ones that fill up comments on news articles about some right wing agenda or speech.

  12. Hah, I never thought someone could get so worked up over a webcomic. Just reading through this from the begining anyway, good stuff.

  13. This is so true, even in WASP Canadian suburbs

  14. I love Sarah Palin AND Treading Ground. Muff said?

  15. @Rick Swift: Agreed. I’ll vote for her, and laugh at political jokes as her (and my) expense.

    Idiots who can’t laugh at themselves should probably cry instead.

    Nick, I used to read this, way back in the day. I’m glad it got restarted, and I’m glad it kept its sense of humor. Keep up the good work!

  16. According to polls, 30% of America love Sarah Palin. The other 70% of Americans (and the rest of the world) think she is an unelectable idiot.

    1. How odd… I always assumed the number of ignorant, led around by the nose Americans was higher than 30%. Progress!

  17. I live in a trailer park. I am currently stealing wi-fi from a network named “Trailer Trash Rash”… the only alternative is connecting to “gimpy”…
    well played sir.

    1. That…that is hilarious…

      1. Agreed!

        1. just finished the archive. there’s some cliches, but they’re well done, and it was fun to read. props on your art’s improvement sir.

          i’m just thankful i’m moving this week away from the trailer park. gonna be near a naval air station though, so maybe i’ll find a “Don’tAskDon’tTell” wifi network to steal from..

        2. Congrats. I’ve done my time in trailer parks too, so I know it’s no fun.

          Thanks for the kind words!

  18. Isn’t it weird that America is probably the only western Democracy where Sarah Palin could ever be a successful politician, and also the only one I know of that has trailer parks? Not meaning to insult, just saying…
    Then again, I never quite understood how in many western Democracies, not just America, a very large number of lower class people votes for Neolibs and Conservatives, groups that usually have the interests of the rich classes at heart… always weirds me out.

  19. I think my main problem with sarah palin is that she came out of nowhere, with no political background, no previous experience, and came out with hipocritical statements, such as her comment on teenage birth control not being an issue, with a preggers teenage daughter. I am canadian, did not follow the elections very much, but what I did catch of it, seemed kinda like a joke at times, I almost expected bush to come out during the middle of hit dodging thrown shoes holding up a sign saying ” I support sarah palin!”

    Well that’s enough from me, I appologize to everyone I’ve offended with this. I wrote most of this from memory without looking up or confirming any facts, so before you flame me for my inacuracies and grammar/spelling yeah I know already, and I dont care.

    Great webcomic, 2nd time reading through it, lots of laughs. Great work.

  20. Just started reading

    Nick, I don’t care what anyone says, this cracked me the fuck up. Good job.

  21. The reason that a large segment of low income franchisees vote neolib/conservative is because those rich politicians play a dirty, twisted game with their minds. And when your entire culture is based on social interaction with people who were raised to believe those things, you are more likely to ignore obvious misgivings for the sake of acceptance.

    Not that I’m saying that the other side is really any better. Both sides (even saying both sides being a trap, remember) are party to terrible and heinous acts of stupidity, lethargy, avarice, and viciousness.

  22. Whatever. Hardly anyone in Germany understands how anybody could possibly support Mrs. Palin -.- or some of the other strange conservatives you have in the US.

    I’m laughing about the Republicans all the time ^^

  23. Living in Canada, I am presented with the rare opportunity to sit back, and laugh my ass off at the petty political squabbles and all-out fights over politics.

    Canadians don’t take it as seriously, I guess. I’ve only had heated debates.

  24. Budweiser, eh? Those fine folks in (or the author or both) in the trailer park have some good taste.

  25. I’m not going to jump in late on that political stuff, but I think I’ve found my next tattoo… the japanese koi version of Blinky from the Simpsons is beautiful :^)

  26. dont know if any one else noticed the dave chappelle references but i think they are hilarious

    1. I do enjoy me some Dave.

  27. As an annoying Conservative who enjoys pushing the buttons of every liberal I know… I really wish Sarah Palin would just go to Alaska and shut up.

    She’s knee jerky and doesn’t think things though and I hope to heaven that she doesn’t run for president.

    Also, how did you get my network name? (Good luck picking which one it is)

    1. Woah, hey let’s not get hasty here… we don’t want that elephant shit-for-brains back up here, we just got rid of her! Boot her out to Hawaii or something.

  28. You know, it is possible to make a joke about something without actually believing in it. Stereotypically, rednecks are republicans (Sarah Palin is a republican), you can make a stereotypical joke and not have a certain affiliation one way or another. I can make racist jokes, and not be racist, I can make sexist jokes, and not be a chauvinist. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. People have opinions, if you don’t like them, get over it; there’s truly no need to go posting about something as petty as one semi-political joke.

    Treading Groung FTW, keep writing and don’t let anyone tell you what jokes you can make.

  29. I find it endlessly amusing that you think “trailer trash” would ever support a Republican. The Democrats bought off the $25,000 or less (anually) bracket a long time ago with their bullshit welfare handouts.

    I agree with the first post: Getting political is just going to drive off half your reader-base.

    1. Yeah, those poor southern whites were just lining up to vote for Obama, weren’t they?

      As I said before, if you can’t take a joke, you probably want to find a pastime other than reading webcomics, or stick to the ones that fully support your fragile personal ideology.

      1. Nick,

        You, sir, are witty, clever, and a touch philandering, and that is probably the best cocktail I could think of in a webcomic artist.

        Keep up the good work.

        1. Philandering? I’ve never cheated on my wife, which probably rules out any potential political career I may have had.

          But as for the others, thank you very much! 😀

        2. Mentally philandering then.

          You blew my mind, at least.

          Just sayin’.

  30. To everyone who got offended from this joke I have one thing to say:Bo freaking ho, did I get pissed when the video:”he’s Barack Obama” caricatorize all of obamas ideas and made fun out of his giant ears? No, because that’s a joke, and a gosamn funny one. While I (sadly) don’t live in the US and an atheist, obama is the closest thing I ever had to worship, I would have made a small temple if it wouldn’t have made ppl to take me to an asylum, really, the guy is the best thing that happened to my country, and I like when they make fun of him. Why? Because it’s funny, you all rage over this comic like the new York times just made an article titled:”republicans suck”, its just a webcomic, it means nothing, no one (sane) shall learn his political idiologies from a webcomic. You’re making a huge deal out of nothing, and also, koi Binky rocks dude

  31. Linksys, I steal their internet too.

  32. My favourite Wi-Fi network name (within range of my house) is “FBI Surveillance Van”

  33. This comic is entertaining and funny. Sometimes, such as with this strip, the comments are even more so.

  34. Lol wow, can only imagine this thread in the age of Trump

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