7 thoughts on “Harbinger

  1. Do you take it as a compliment when i tell you that you get better and better at drawing ass? Well, you do. ^g^

    1. I do indeed, and thanks!

  2. in this situation, a part of me would say “oh HELL yeah, im definately taking the window!” while another, more dominant part of me would say “hmmm…. seeing this might be interesting/entertaining…”

    1. and then thee’s the challenge accepted part that’s all like “bring yo shit”

  3. Alocoholic mother, horrible living conditions… well, that explains some things about HER personality. Still doesn’t explain why everyone’s okay with the whole under-age thing, though.

  4. I personally am not at all ok with the underage thing. I wouldn’t be caught alone with that girl at all. Ok, she’s cool and you like her. BUT SHE”S A HONEY TRAP! At least insist that she telephone you before she arrives so that you can arrange some other company. Set clear boundaries. But most of all, don’t be a fucking dingus!

    1. This sentiment keeps coming up, and I’m not totally sure I understand it.

      Yes, she’s not a terribly good romantic choice. She’s a slutty, underaged girl from a trailer park. But he’s a high school drop out who works at a grocery and lives with his two sorta friends because he can’t go anywhere else.

      Not match made in heaven, but they are from the same worlds, more or less.

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