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  1. Listen, I love this comic, but this has been bugging me for a bit and if I don’t rant it ouit, I’ll go nuts…

    Who does Rose think she is calling her sister a skank? Her past actions (and current), judging from Aya’s stories, she is no different.
    I’m refering to this:
    Also, Rose has admit to sleeping around and is currently trying to seduce an older man. All I’m saying is, it’s really not fair for her to call her sister “skanky” when she’s just as skanky herself.

    Sorry, the hypocrisy just put me off. I already have a like/hate feeling for Rose and this little bit just angered me.
    I otherwise love this webcomic. It’s fun to read.

    1. Oh, and then there’s this:
      Yeah, Rose. You’re totally not a skank like your sister.

      1. Rose would probably say it’s not hypocrisy if you consider sluttiness and skankiness to be separate qualities. Despite that, there’s still some pot and kettle action going on.

        1. From what I observed in the wordl around me, “slutty” and “skanky” have a thin line between them. Rose crossed it riiight about…here: Possibly earlier than that, if we look back at here:
          Yeah, definitely a “pot and kettle” situation, as you called it.

          I really hope you don’t think me rude. Rose just frustrates me, is all. I try to like her or give her the benefit of the doubt, but it just gets so hard sometimes. But I try not to hate on her so much, I can see she’s clearly not a terrible person or anything.

        2. It’s understandable. I’m writing her and she frustrates me sometimes. 🙂 I strive to make the characters like real people, and I guess that counts as a success.

        3. nooneinparticular

          altogether, i like this webcomic, and i approve of a little writing that reveals the flaws in ourselves and others
          there are so many people that screw up once and get a bad rep for it, so they get screwed over by a single mistake
          i definitively approve of the benefit of the doubt approah to people and characters

        4. It also shows that she has not risen far above her origins–yet. She recognizes the behavior in others, and dislikes it, but has only begun to change what’s needed to escape it herself. For example, her room is neat, so she doesn’t copy the rest of the house–but she doesn’t “get” how her actions are like her sister’s.

    2. I love how a woman with a high sex drive automatically = slut. You forget that Rose has only been with 3 guys. The difference between slutty and skanky is standards. Rose just knows what she wants and goes for it, and if she were male it wouldn’t bother anyone, in fact she might be seen as a “player.” Her sister seems like the type that would open her legs for just about anyone.

      Having a lot of GUYS makes you slutty or skanky, not having a lot of SEX. If having a lot of sex with one or a few guys makes you a skank, then I must be a skank for the tons of hot, sweaty, kinky, fantastic sex my husband and I have had together in the last 7 years.

  2. Slut shaming, slut shaming, slut shaming.
    If a lady wants to have loads of sex, is safe, and is of a legal age, who gives a fuck? If she wants to be open and less-than-eloquent when talking about sex, who cares? She can do that.
    And yeah, her sister is racist against white people. That’s bad. Of course, white people aren’t marginalized, so the portrayal of the bag-boy in this comic is a lot more offensive than the sister’s views.
    For a guy who claims to not “kiss ass”, Nate sure sucks at calling people out on their bullshit!

    1. You know, you seem to take the whole ‘slut shaming’ thing very personally. Something hitting a little too close to home here?

    2. Why so serious little person?

    3. Oh, so being marginalized is the prerequisite for your defense against racism or sexism? Whew, thank goodness I’m a middle-class white male with internet access and a college education. That LAST thing I want is you “on my side” about anything!

      1. … Yes, this is exactly the point with conversations about racism. Power dynamics are what is important, that isn’t hard to understand

  3. As far as I am concerned, Slutty + Iffy Looking + Poor Hygiene = Skanky.

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