14 thoughts on “Perception

  1. I so gotta try that!!!

  2. genius.

    1. Right out of my fingers you took the words

  3. I usually make a ridiculous face or flip them off THEN find out Im heading into traffic

  4. I’m more bored when that happens. When you have an hour commute for a minimum wage job and have listened to most of you songs to complete excess, you get bored very easily.

  5. I would love to do that someday.

  6. other signs to try:
    (out back window) If you can read this I can put my brakes on and sue
    Licensed to kill J-walkers
    ‘This end up’ held upside down
    Carrying nitroglycerin
    Warning! Dyslexic feet!

    1. I want the first one as as a bumper sticker with small print XD

  7. I need that sign…

  8. Toaster O' Vengeance

    Holy crap, are they in North Carolina?

    1. Yes, in the (sadly fictional) town of Long Point, somewhere on the Atlantic coast.

  9. The first panel sounded like a scene right out of Seinfeld.

    1. and WHAT is the DEAL with AIRLINE FOOD?

  10. Done this……The guy flipped me off though 🙂

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