11 thoughts on “Hierarchy

  1. You know, black Nate has a point. XD

  2. What I want to know is how did he find out his original name?

    1. Job history!

      1. ya that shit has bit me in the ass twice

  3. To be fair, I’d change my last name, too, if I were him.

    Just to something less retarded.

  4. in my social group we have two Cody’s, one who is black the other white. for simplicity they are referred to as Body and Wody.

  5. Wasn’t Black Nate killed by Dick in #90?!?

    1. ahahahahaha
      oh wow

    2. Man, your comment is the only reason I noticed that clicking “Next” was skipping some comics.
      I managed to see #90 by changing the number in the address bar to 286.

      1. It can also be reached by going to the Out of Character page in the extras section. Nick, just didn’t want noncontinuity comics confusising things in the main archive.

  6. Man, Arne is a real dick. Still, I’d be the same if I had to work with someone dumb enough to think they were actually a vampire.

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