Employee Benefits

I don't recall that particular option being in the employee handbook.

10 thoughts on “Employee Benefits

  1. Val Kilmer Batman

    Is that SUPPOSED to look like a penis?

    1. Clearly you have seen some unorthodox penises.

      1. +1 in your win column!

      2. Unorthodox, uncut pork…
        i see wut u did ther…

  2. Not a human one, at least. Looks more like a skinned forearm to me. Probably will cause some PTSD flashbacks. Tongue action is genuine looking. brrr….

    1. It’s actually a pork loin. They’re totally gross.

      1. But very tasty–when cooked, that is. 🙂

        1. Agreed. nom nom nom…

  3. Allen the not-so-wise

    And that is why, dear children, Jewish people can not be Vampires. It just ain’t Kosher.

    1. That depends on how you kill it

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