The most important attribute is neither STR nor INT.

18 thoughts on “Nomenclature

  1. LOL. I understand this one.

    1. yay D20 geekiness and such
      best system around

  2. Oo, the flame is reflected in his eyes. Nice touch.

  3. ….actually while accepted as a word for excriment, ‘drek’ is actaully the leavings at the bottom of a whaleing tub. Basically rancid blubber and oil.

  4. Just erase the name, man!

  5. Nice one, again! I just wish I could was the bad taste out of my mouth that the previous 90 pages have left me with.

    1. A way to start might be to… you know… stop commenting about how you hate them. You’re really just reminding yourself, troll.

    2. Try hydrochloric acid.

      1. Sulphuric works too

        1. Any kind of acid will do, and you’ll see more pretty colors then the flames in Derek’s eyes

        2. Johnny was a chemist’s son
          Johnny is no more
          For what he thought was H2O
          Was H2SO4

    3. try a big vat of pee m8

  6. You know, if his campaign setting was Shadowrun that would sort of be an appropriate alias for a gritty Street-Samurai lol…

  7. Alex E (eternaleye)

    So… Is that Kiznit’s character sheet, or my later mod?

  8. Quoth the Raven: HA HA!

  9. Okay, That Jewish Dude have to ask a D&D playing friend if this is an overreaction. And if there are any that are reading this Comic, is it? It seems like one.


    1. It is an overreaction, but not an uncommon one. Remember that the kind of geeks who still play non-electronic D&D are pretty hard-core (myself included – not a total hypocrite), and as such to not tend to look upon their own follies in a forgiving light.

      1. agreed

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