Blue Job

13 thoughts on “Blue Job

  1. Rose is a musician, and her instrument is the skin flute. Dang, she didn’t even balk at the possibility of chugging!

  2. Hmm, really gives a new meaning to ‘bringing home the bacon’

  3. Gotta love Steve! The depth of his bastarditude knows no bounds… Oh man it will be bad if his Food Baron coworker Jimmi and Rose’s sister end up at the party… Nate would need a new bed. XD

  4. I would’ve loved to see Nate’s face in the last two panels!

  5. Dude, I never began to think what people’s dicks taste like based on profession….

    1. I would think the amount of time since their last shower would influence it more.
      Aside from THAT, penis is covered in skin. Penis therefor tastes like skin. Want to know the flavour? Stick your finger in your mouth. Alternatively, go run some laps until you’re sweaty, then stick your sweaty finger in your mouth.
      Mystery solved.

  6. I’ve gotta say that the title of the strip is what got me laughing the hardest. Good webcom, just read the archive, found my way here from an ad on Menage a 3.

    1. At first I was resistant to WordPress’s encouragement of strip titles, but I have to say some of them have worked out beautifully. Thanks for reading!

  7. Oh yeah.. I remember this comic from a looong time ago.. I liked it back then and I’m liking it now! Say, did some other webcomic borrow your characters by accident? I remember some ‘wachuu cookin’ charactar at a comic with a superspy-like setting? I might be remembering it all wrong, but.. any idea? Also I loved the Hanners cameo =D

  8. Thanks, Cherry!

    If Purvous has arisen elsewhere, I’d like to see it, but you might just be referring to the End of Compliance side story.

    1. Yes, that’s it! Thanks 😀

  9. Wait… does the other roommate know about the “dark time” in his life? Would put that yaoi tape incident in a whole new light for him…

  10. Rose and Steve play off each other surprisingly well. It almost makes you wonder what they’d be like as a couple… Almost.
    …but I think that would probably just lead to a downward spiral of ever-escalating filth from which none of us would ever be able to emerge, or feel clean ever again…

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