With Great Power

What's a party without a little lawbreaking?

Note from the FUUUUTUUUREEE - I eventually updated all of my page format comics to strip format, so enjoy this irrelevant but historical aside.)

As you probably noticed, I'm switching up the format. TG has never been married to either the full page or strip form, but lately I've realized that the strips work better for what I generally need to accomplish. If I don't have enough room, I can always go for a double-decker strip, but in general I think this format will work nicely. Of course, I may throw in a full page comic from time to time if I feel like it, just because I like kicking myself in the ass when it comes time to print a book. :-)

Being that I'm about 15 comics ahead in my buffer I can report that it took a little getting used to, but I'm happy with the way it's turned out. As an artist it has forced me to use more creative angles and not use the 3/4 forward view exclusively, and I find ways of getting the important information across in a more defined space.

See you on Wednesday, and don't forget to go back a comic if you missed out on last week's Friday Extra!

12 thoughts on “With Great Power

  1. I’m patiently awaiting the wars that are going to start over the playlist. ^_^

  2. That’s a nice buffer. I always like having one, so it’s how I write (Ten strips ahead). A shame Paul doesn’t do buffers, but oh well.

  3. I force myself to maintain one. In the past I used to miss a lot of updates, and when I came back I decided to never let that happen again.

  4. Cops is such a bad show… It hardly depicts real life. I’ve been buying alcohol since I was 18, and your American cops have been really bad at stopping me!

  5. All this stuff confuses my brain, Seeing as I’m Irish and 17. And you can legally drink booze in your homes over here anyway, it’s just the purchasing or said booze that requires us to be 18.

  6. It confuses our brains too. Almost everyone has some way to obtain alcohol prior to the legal drinking age, and rarely does anyone get caught. Nate’s just paranoid.

  7. Next thing you know he’ll be wearing tinfoil hats I suppose.

  8. I wonder if Rose’s mom will crash the party? >:)

  9. Feel bad for this guy, imagine him ending up in prison.

  10. This is a public service announcement.

    Steve, you are not black.

    Nate, Stop being such a fucking pussy.

    Les, You are not a real Vampire.

    That is all.


  11. 21 really is an unusually high drinking age, globally speaking.

  12. The U.S. drinking age of 21 is a trap, really. Those who never learned to moderate at a younger age will go into binge mode upon being able to get to drink legally for the first time, consuming much more than they can manage, or is even safe. The only ones who win are the beer and liquor companies.

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